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27 Jul

Reaching Critical Mass

There is an undefined point, when a government is so corrupt and incompetent, that citizens will no longer be willing to defend it. Iran or maybe Obama’s chief handler Valerie Jarrett, the Iranian Mole, seems to be playing our president, … Continue reading

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23 Apr

Obama, The Imperial President (Guest Post)

It’s quite rare that legislation is so popular that it passes unanimously, and even rarer when it happens in BOTH the Senate and House of Representatives. Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama signed such legislation on Friday, April 18, 2014. But, … Continue reading

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25 Nov

The Iran deal misleads (Reader Post)

The deal is a bluff. Egos trying to establish legacy; just like Clinton/Albright/Carter with their Sunshine Policy*** that lead to N.Korea going nuclear. Which was a glaring mistake of foreign policy (and a reason why I went political). Instead of … Continue reading

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24 Nov

Iran’s Strategy – From the Inside

The mainstream media is doing it best this weekend to extract the National disaster of Obamacare from the headlines. The crowbar it has been provided is the announcement by the Obama/Jarrett team of a deal with Iran. The MSM’s representations about the deal are about as useful as the Administration’s, “you can keep your doctor.”

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4 Nov

“Marg bar Amrika”

“President Carter inherited an impossible situation — and he and his advisers made the worst of it.”-Gaddis Smith

On this day in history 34 years ago, remember, remember the 4th of November; when militant Islamic students stormed the U.S. embassy, holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.

To commemorate that takeover, and to demonstrate opposition to the new president’s call to “tone down” the common, daily-expressed slogan, “Death to America” chants, “tens of thousands” of protesters gathered in Tehran outside the old U.S. embassy in their own “million Islamist march” (or, as they call it, “National Day to Fight Global Arrogance”):

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1 Oct

Netanyahu Instructs Obama On Negotiating

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations today was a very polite and diplomatic lecture to the President Of The United States. He instructed President Obama on methodology of international negotiations when confronted by a serious and capable enemy such as Iran. Netanyahu seems to be one of the rare, if perhaps the only world leader, capable of commanding respect from a podium through forthrightness, clarity, and an inescapable quality called leadership.

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8 Sep

We have to bomb Syria because of another video? Are you kidding me?

What’s with this regime and videos? John Kerry is just exuding umbrage. He’s positively negative. His face is swollen with concern. Or maybe it’s the botox. He and Obama are all but stamping their feet demanding they be allowed to … Continue reading

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8 Sep

A Shot Across The Bow

Cry ‘Havoc,’ and Let Slip the Dogs of War These few words, give pause to all but the most dense, when leaders pound the drums of war and death. Only a few understand the real message, yet reading these words … Continue reading

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19 Feb

The Unqualified Radical Nominee For Secretary of Defense…Chuck Hagel

Every day that passes we are finding out more and more about Chuck Hagel, the man Obama has presented to be his Secretary of Defense: Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel said Israel is on its way to becoming an … Continue reading

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1 Feb

Surely liberal Senators can see how unqualified Chuck Hagel is for Secretary of Defense right?

But I’m guessing there are no honorable liberals in today’s world. Except for this guy it seems: Whose Terrible Idea Was It to Nominate Hagel, Anyway? The man was a walking disaster at the hearings yesterday. If you haven’t seen … Continue reading

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