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15 Sep

Ms Clinton Causes Islamic Radicals To Wet Their Trousers, From Laughter

Words actually mean things, especially code words. The Obama Administration has a simple code system; so simple in fact, even the illiterate Muslim can understand his intentions. These same expressions and phrases serve to reassure Americans who refuse to face the truth, as they willing delude themselves into accepting the code at face value. Thus the radical Islamic Fascist is encouraged and emboldened and the moderate Muslim sympathetic to American intentions in the Middle East begins to doubt the intention, strength, and resolve of America.

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30 Aug

A SEAL serves his country again [Reader Post]

Following the death of Osama Bin Laden Barack Obama provided the country with a riveting account of the raid:

The president traced the death of bin Laden to a tip received last August. He said he was briefed at the time on the “possible lead,” and that after months of intelligence work it was determined bin Laden was hiding in a compound “deep” inside Pakistan. Obama said, after determining the intelligence was sound, he authorized the operation to bring him to justice last week.

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15 Aug

Seal Team Six Speaks Out On Obama’s Raid

Obama’s indifference to our troops in the field who actually put their lives on the line is typical of nearly all imperial leaders of history. However we cannot excuse this blatant callousness on the personalities of history;

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8 Jul

The Taliban…Obama’s ‘Peace Partners’

This is the group that helped bring down the towers. This is the group that our President is retreating from:

A shot rings out, but the burqa-clad woman sitting on the rocky ground does not respond.

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31 May

Obama's Pre-Emptive Assassination Policy [Reader Post]

With an election looming, Barack Obama is politicizing everything under his control- including programs which would best be kept quiet. Drones have become the new plaything for Obama. They offer are seemingly cleaner approach to war. Drones were developed under the Bush administration and expanded under Obama. A recent NY Times article disclosed a surprising amount of information, including one stunner- that it is Obama himself who decides who dies. Our President personally authorizes the assassination of persons believed to be involved in terrorist activities.

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30 May

Is President Obama Breeding More Terrorists?

“My position has always been clear: If you’ve got a terrorist, take him out. Anybody who was involved in 9/11, take ‘em out.”
-Barack Obama

Not everyone on the left were fooled into pulling the lever for Obama in 2008, as the anti-war candidate who would end the war(s) and bring our troops home. Yet pull the lever they did when the alternative was John McCain (although if it were Ron Paul in ’08, perhaps the Code Pink vote would have gone to the GOP). Some on the anti-war left read between the lines of Senator Obama’s rhetoric, yet were willing to take a gamble on “hope and change” after 8 years of “Bush’s wars”.

But now that they’ve experienced almost 4 years of an Obama presidency in action, how much has actually changed and how much has stayed the course?

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27 May

Revisiting the 2009 Ganjgal Ambush

60 Minutes devoted their Sunday hour programming to honoring our soldiers. This included Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer providing his account of the September 9, 2009 ambush that left Afghan soldiers and 4 American soldiers dead: First Lt. Michael Johnson, Gunnery Sgt. Edwin “Wayne” Johnson, Staff Sgt. Aaron Kenefick and Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class James Layton

The rules of engagement that probably cost them their lives?

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18 Apr

U.S. Soldiers Posing with the Enemy

Well….dead enemy.

Like Joe Darby (of Abu Ghraib fame), an anonymous soldier took 18 sensitive photos and leaked them to the press.

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30 Mar

Photo of the Week

Call me crazy, but I would have thought the beard would be a dead giveaway:

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5 Mar

Targeted Assassinations…My, How Quiet The Liberals Are

While I don’t disagree with the Administration over this policy, I find the whole situation ironic. It was just a few years ago liberals were crying and protesting all over the fact that the United States waterboarded a few high level terrorists.

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