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20 Dec

On this day in history: A Higher Call

December 20, 1943, 4 days before Christmas: a young American bomber pilot named Charlie Brown found himself somewhere over Germany, struggling to keep his plane aloft with just one of its four engines still working. They were returning from their … Continue reading

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29 Aug

“Curiouser And Curiouser”, Cried Alice

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

The most Left-wing, government supported media outlet in Britain, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has refused to have a statue of George Orwell erected at its new facility in London.

Their reason: Orwell is “too Left-Wing”.

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15 Dec

Ezra Klein unwittingly endorses a conservative agenda [Reader Post]

Ezra Klein is a blogger/columnist for the Washington Post and an unabashed liberal. Klein has the good fortune of never having had to work a real day in his life. He is younger than my oldest son and hasn’t half my son’s brains. Klein is widely quoted by the left and he regularly pontificates broadly on a wide range of subjects with which he has neither familiarity nor experience.

In a recent column, Klein made an astonishing assertion:

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19 Nov

Awesome Speech by Nigel Farage on the European Collapse – “We Know Who The Villains Are”

Not much to add to this great speech by Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independent Party:

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28 Sep

“Obama’s lecture on the euro crisis … is overbearing, arrogant and absurd.” The Bild, A German Newspaper

Europeans are underwhelmed with the latest Obama Drama. With the sanctimonious attitude of a faux professor, Obama lectured Europeans on the importance of restoring fiscal responsibility to the European Union.

As humorous as it sounds, the Europeans found nothing to laugh about; in fact, they are insulted and indignant over the presumption of a profligate wastrel like Obama lecturing anyone concerning fiscal responsibility.

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13 Sep

EuroZone Disaster – Probability That Greece Defaults is 98%

According to this report the odds that Greece defaults on its obligations to the EuroZone is now at 98% which only proves, once again, that bailouts works….works to grind the economy to a halt and ensure that any recovery is impossible.

Greece has a 98 percent chance of defaulting on its debt in the next five years as Prime Minister George Papandreou fails to reassure investors his country can survive the euro-region crisis.

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23 Jun

America’s Coming Greek Tragedy [Reader Post]

Characteristically, the protagonist in Greek tragedies fell victim to hubris. Ajax, Oedipus and Orestes all shared such a fate. One day, bards will add Barack Obama to that list.

Greece is in the throes of economic death. An era of obscene pensions and spending profligacy has left the country at war with itself.

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8 Jun

Obama Says, We Will Borrow Money From China To Give To Greece

Because of profligate spending and its Socialist policies, Greece is bankrupt. It is now our duty to bail them out, according to Obama, so that they can continue on without taking responsibility for their own actions. Spain, Portugal, and Ireland are all nearing the same economic precipice; are we to assume that Obama plans to put the rest of the world on American Welfare rolls? Someone better tell him, those people can’t vote, but he does believe the Constitution is flawed, maybe with a few changes here and there, we can continue with a Redistribution of American Wealth for the rest of the world, until we are a Third World Country.

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24 Apr

The Reluctant Imperialist Leader of International Socialism Is Ravaged By The Bloody Socialist Dictator

History once called on a Socialist to stand against a dictator, but it was hard for the most famous of such antagonists to go to war: there was a certain reluctance at least, for in truth, both were dictators and Socialists. Modern day Socialists regard one of them as a saint and they refuse to acknowledge the other one.

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28 Mar

The real reasons we’re bombing Libya [Reader Post]

The reasons for Barack Obama’s intervention in Libya has never been really clear- or honest. The most commonly offered explanation given for bombing Libya has been the prevention of a humanitarian disaster. Sunday morning, Obama’s Abbott and Costello foreign policy team said that Libya was a direct threat to US national interest and at the same time that it was not. Of course, that does not explain why we interfere in Libya but not in other regions in which human rights are being oppressed- like North Korea, Iran or China.

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