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4 Nov

Frenchy Gets Married

The trappers north of the Peace River knew each other fairly well, even if we never met. You knew men by their reputations. The traplines were huge and you rarely saw anyone during the winter, except for neighboring trappers. A … Continue reading

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22 Apr

Obama/Napolitano Discover A New Tax To Feed Statist Needs

Keeping up with the Obama Administration’s efforts to bloat the government ranks as rapidly as three and one half more years will allow them to, has become a formidable task.  Its lack of common sense has never been surprising, however, … Continue reading

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2 Apr

U.S. Leadership Void Squanders Influence – China Steps In

During this period in American history when the economy, business, trade and currency have taken pivotal positions in the Nation’s psyche, the country is led by what may well be the most economically uninterested Administration it has ever elected. Loudly … Continue reading

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22 Nov

Tell Me About Evil Carbon And The Brilliant Al Gore

I had an interesting conversation today with a customer, while she was paying me to work on her horses; after delving into religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and eventually the climate, it became obvious that she was hiding her Liberal proclivities to be agreeable. She was convinced we should use natural gas and “quit digging up dinosaurs for our energy needs, there were too many humans and the world would be a better place after a massive die-off.” Her premises were pregnant with opportunities to attack, but in situations like this, it is better to have your opponent wondering about the discussion while in bed later on and questioning the simple reasoning she had heard earlier with a sense of emptiness and bewilderment.

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5 Sep

A Collapsed Foreign Policy [Reader Post]

With the focus of the coming election appropriately directed at the economy and the creation of jobs, some of the media is desperately attempting a redirection of attention toward foreign policy. More precisely, the MSM is fabricating a four year history of its protagonist’s foreign policy.

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22 Feb

Smart Diplomacy

How lucky we are, we who mourn the erosion of freedom and the implementation of Statism; for now, we at least have the consolation and comforting feelings that come with knowing we have a high degree of intellect directing our international diplomacy, more commonly known as “Smart Diplomacy”. The phrase our former First Lady used to describe her self-professed skills in diplomacy; skills that were apparently acquired in managing the “Bimbo Eruptions,” her husband precipitated during their marriage and sometimes bizarre journey to the White House. Skills that became patently obvious with the Obama Administration’s opening of our embassy in Damascus and Ms Clinton describing Assad,the butcher of Syria, as a reformer. Yes, if the diplomacy of the White House and the State Department were any smarter, the dictators of the world would be cowering in fear when Hillary flexes her brain and farts intellect by the bucket.

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23 Jan

Barack Obama: no jobs, no oil, no energy [Reader Post]

It’s the mother of all boners. Barack Obama gambled the future of the US oil supply on Brazil.

He lost. China kicked his butt.

In March Barack Obama put on his best groveling suit (you know, the same one he wore when genuflecting to the Saudi King) and went off to Brazil looking for foreign oil.

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15 Jan

Canada To Sell Their Oil To China If XL Pipeline Isn’t Approved Soon

Obama “the job destroyer” has come even closer to not only losing all the jobs that would come with the XL Pipeline but also losing all that oil:

Canada is now looking to Asian countries to market its abundance of oil, natural gas and minerals as plans to build the proposed Keystone XL pipeline have stalled with the U.S. administration.

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14 Jan

Anglo Confederation? [Reader Post]

I offer the following purely as a thought experiment. I suppose it’s more of a leftward proposal, and, thus may be deemed unsuitable for this blog. I’m hoping that it may be viewed simply as a theoretical proposal to initiate thoughtful discussion of pros and cons.

I think that it would be advantageous to form some sort of global confederation of the primary English-speaking nations:

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25 Nov

There Are No More Campfires

Prologue: This is a story of two Stone Age chieftains, who migrated to America during the last Ice Age, approximately twenty thousand years ago: one came from the East and one came from the West, but before you begin to recite the teachings of Archaeology from twenty years ago, you might be surprised to know of startling new discoveries about the migration of man and the inconvenient facts surrounding the theories of Anthropomorphic Global Warming.

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