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10 Feb

Stifling American Determination to Succeed

In an era of wealth redistribution during which no criticism of the Administration is allowed and consistently collides with the guarding media panderers at the gate and in a time when the vast government bureaucracies have become engines of political … Continue reading

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5 Feb

Jim Jones had a village too

Common Core is an educational fad which is determined to make the children of this country as stupid as humanly possible. That’s the only conclusion at which a reasonable person could arrive. It’s described this way: “The Common Core State … Continue reading

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27 Oct

Finding Family Values and Connecting With Reality

 A Children’s Story: Read it to your children or grandchildren or let them read it: The girls were off from school for the Christmas holidays. They were up early and getting ready to help their dad feed the cattle; … Continue reading

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24 Oct

Our Bloodless Coup (Reader Post)

As I hear and read the news and pronouncements from the president and the political elite these days, I cannot help but to wonder about our country’s prospects. It is not as if I have lost faith in the American … Continue reading

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23 Oct

May Obama Voters Choke On Their Own Hypocrisy

Those same sanctimonious claims of righteous indignation were used to elect President Obama, but Obama voters accepted the expansion of Bush’s Drone Warfare as being unavoidable. There was no need to march and call Obama a “Baby Killer; after all, … Continue reading

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14 Jun

The Wussification of America?

Thinking about some of the other articles linked in the comments section as it relates to the topic in this earlier post about how children are being conditioned by our schools to view guns, I came across the following video … Continue reading

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29 May


Hat tip to CJ for this:

A 6-year-old kindergartner sparked an uproar at his Massachusetts school when he was spotted brandishing a tiny plastic Lego gun on the school bus last week.

Mieke Crane, the child’s mother, insists that officials at Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer overreacted when another student saw the toy, which is slightly bigger than a quarter, and alerted the driver Friday.

‘She [driver] said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized,’ Crane told the local station WGGB.

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22 May

The DOE & DOJ redefine campus “speech codes” [Reader Post]

‘Marsupial Justice’ Is a Natural Product of Federal Overreach: “Earlier this month I blogged about the U.S. Department of Education’s recent push to eliminate free speech and due process on campus. More and more people are starting to notice this … Continue reading

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19 May

Obama Rex of Thebes D.C.

Night has fallen in Thebes D.C., preceding days have fueled the corruption scandals that plague Obama Rex. His minions and loyal staffers struggle valiantly to avoid perjury, yet remain loyal to the Obama Rex Myth. Obama Rex, known by acclimation … Continue reading

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13 May

Deconstructing Obama’s Statist Commencement Address

Obama’s speeches are always simple, too often trite, and always political.  When he addresses young minds, his teleprompter throws him words which turn the conscious mind into an incredulous lump of mush wondering how such statements can emanate from a … Continue reading

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