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12 Feb

The debt limit increase is not a loser for the GOP. Let it go.

It’s a winner. The House passed a “clean” debt ceiling bill and sent it on to the Senate, accompanied by a lot of griping. The vast majority of Republicans voted against the bill, while nearly 200 Democrats carried it across … Continue reading

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11 Feb

Obamacare strikes out

How bad are things for Obama right now? Bad. Very bad. Very, very bad. Remember this? Obamacare is Settled Law Remember this? “The simple fact remains: Obamacare is the law of the land and will remain the law of the … Continue reading

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10 Feb

Stifling American Determination to Succeed

In an era of wealth redistribution during which no criticism of the Administration is allowed and consistently collides with the guarding media panderers at the gate and in a time when the vast government bureaucracies have become engines of political … Continue reading

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6 Feb

Out Of Work? It’s Your Fault . . .

We admire, even revere statistics and statistician explanations, and when they pertain to our economic well being and are supported by anointed economists, they become gold. These statistics and explanations can only be elevated into the rarified domain of sanctity … Continue reading

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3 Feb

How Obamacare will die

A supernova is the end outcome not for all stars, but stars of sufficient mass, thought to be between 8 and 15 solar masses. The process is described this way: •Gradually heavier elements build up at the center, and it … Continue reading

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28 Jan

America’s First Challenge

Washington has failed America. Washington’s politicians have allowed the siren song of greed to guide their actions and have learned to achieve re-election by burdening the taxpayers with additional debt.

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26 Jan

These are the people who will lecture us about income inequality

It’s been reported that Barack Obama is going focus on income inequality in his SOTU speech: President Obama will try to pump some vitality into a lackluster second term on Tuesday when he delivers his State of the Union address. … Continue reading

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23 Jan

EPA: Regulations Ahead of Research (Guest Post)

To say that Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama has, and continues to, use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a political weapon is well documented. The EPA as long abused its powers when it comes to fracking. For example, consider … Continue reading

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20 Jan

Sinking, Obama plays the race card

You had to know this was coming. Obama has been flailing around for all of 2013 in what has been called the worst year of his Presidency. As he sinks in the polls, Obama whips out the race card and … Continue reading

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17 Jan

Harry Reid And Senate Democrats Support Extending Unemployment For Millionares (Guest Post)

At least that’s how The left would propagandist what happened Wednesday. Republican Senator Pat Toomey introduced an amendment to the to the bill now being debated to extend unemployment benefits. That amendment prohibits such benefits going to people making over … Continue reading

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