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13 Apr

How Obama Enabled The Russian Seizure Of Eastern Europe

Our president promised us skyrocketing energy prices and a new era of “Green Energy”. So far, he has been able to deliver an ever-increasing price for energy, and with the crisis in Eastern Europe, we can anticipate a continuing rise … Continue reading

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21 Mar

WaPo suffers self-inflicted wound in the war on the Koch brothers

It’s become very obvious that Saul Alinsky continues to live on in the democrat party and among the decerebrate left. Rule 13 says “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The 2014 Democrat Party target is the … Continue reading

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23 Jan

EPA: Regulations Ahead of Research (Guest Post)

To say that Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama has, and continues to, use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a political weapon is well documented. The EPA as long abused its powers when it comes to fracking. For example, consider … Continue reading

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13 Feb

A Lose Lose Proposition Using Obama Logic

The Keystone Pipeline has been viewed as a means to alleviate several problems: reducing America’s dependency upon Middle East Oil, providing a source for America’s refining of oil if America ever decides to face reality and challenge the environmentalist insistence against building domestic refineries, lowering the price of fuel at the pump (since increasing pump prices directly influences the price of all domestic products, since everything moves by oil), providing employment for many Americans in the construction of the pipeline and at the port, and an assurance of a reliable source of crude (in case we decide to accept reality).

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8 Jan

Al Gore’s employee’s a bit upset over the sale of Current TV to Big Oil

It’s nice to see a progressive admit that their old hero is a hypocrite: Yesterday morning, the still shell shocked staff at Current TV was called to an all hands staff meeting at its San Francisco headquarters, which was teleconferenced … Continue reading

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1 Jan

Embracing Anarchism Is Like Making Love To A Cactus, Prickly At Best

An OWS activist and his pregnant girl friend were arrested on bomb paraphernalia charges. The arrests have brought forth images of Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, the friends and former neighbors of the Obamas. Both couples are from … Continue reading

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22 Nov

Tell Me About Evil Carbon And The Brilliant Al Gore

I had an interesting conversation today with a customer, while she was paying me to work on her horses; after delving into religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and eventually the climate, it became obvious that she was hiding her Liberal proclivities to be agreeable. She was convinced we should use natural gas and “quit digging up dinosaurs for our energy needs, there were too many humans and the world would be a better place after a massive die-off.” Her premises were pregnant with opportunities to attack, but in situations like this, it is better to have your opponent wondering about the discussion while in bed later on and questioning the simple reasoning she had heard earlier with a sense of emptiness and bewilderment.

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15 Jun

Barack Keeps Clicking Those Ruby Slippers

Dorothy was a child and she was in her dream world for a short time: Barack is an adult and he’s clicking the Hell out of those Ruby Slippers. We can at least give him credit for persistence; he still believes he can make believe and things will actually happen.

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14 May

America Is Awash In Oil….Will Obama Allow Us To Get it?

While our MSM continues to wag their tongues all over Obama’s gayness they somehow, someway, missed the news that an auditor from the GAO testified in Congress and said:

The Green River Formation–an assemblage of over 1,000 feet of sedimentary rocks that lie beneath parts of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming–contains the world’s largest deposits of oil shale,”Anu K. Mittal, the GAO’s director of natural resources and environment said in written testimony submitted to the House Science Subcommittee on Energy and Environment.

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