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15 Feb

UAW flattened by a Volkswagen

Having destroyed Detroit, the United Auto Workers union is desperate to infect foreign auto manufacturing plants in the South. It finally managed to force a vote on unionization in Chattanooga and the UAW hit a pot hole. Volkswagen workers in … Continue reading

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14 Jul

Wal-Mart and Minimum Wage Chicken Hawks [Reader Post]

Job killing leftists have chalked up another victory. Wal-Mart was looking to build three stores in Washington, DC, but the prostitutes serving Big Labor, aka the DC City Council, voted 8-5 to chase them away. What this came in the … Continue reading

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16 Dec

The Unions Aren’t Completely to Blame for this One… [Reader Post]

Yes, you read that headline correctly, and this will probably draw a lot of friendly fire. First off, any of my regular readers know that I have no love for the unions. I’ve argued previously that public employee unionization is … Continue reading

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27 Nov

Maybe it’s time to drop the picket signs and pick up a copy of The Road to Serfdom [Reader Post]

It was with great interest that I watched Facebook catch fire with support of the calls for picketing and sick-outs at Wal-Mart stores across the country on Black Friday. From what I could tell, most of those supporting the calls were liberals who attacked the company with claims that it doesn’t pay “a living wage”, “exploits” its workers, or owes its workers health care. I even saw one fantastical claim that a majority of Wal-Mart employees are on food stamps.

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29 Aug

“Curiouser And Curiouser”, Cried Alice

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).

The most Left-wing, government supported media outlet in Britain, The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has refused to have a statue of George Orwell erected at its new facility in London.

Their reason: Orwell is “too Left-Wing”.

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24 Aug

Hit The Road Barack, And Don’t You Come Back No More

It’s Newsweek, the title of the cover article reads, “Hit The Road, Barack”, and the Left has their collective panties tied in a knot. It has not a been pretty sight, but perhaps Newseek’s new editor, Tina Brown, has realized there is no honor or dignity in being another propaganda rag for a failed president and following him into oblivion and ignominy.

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4 Jun

That Other Question in the Public Unions debate… [Reader Post]

In the not too distant future the state of Wisconsin will be holding what a number of pundits are dubbing, “The second most important election in 2012.” This is referring to the recall election that Governor Scott Walker faces against Democrat challenger Tom Barrett. The long and short of the reason for this election is that Wisconsin, like many other states was facing a budget crisis. Walker noticed that a large chunk of their budget woes were from contracts with the unions representing state employees that were not economically feasible.

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25 May

Union Thugs Upset Over Lack Of Support From Democrats

Don't you feel bad for those poor widdle union folks who appear to be well on the way to getting their asses kicked in Wisconsin? No? Me neither. Here they are whining about the fact that Democrats and the White … Continue reading

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24 Feb

Intolerance – Any Subject Can Now Be Scrutinized [Reader Post]

Today I saw a television commercial with many participants, all of them wearing tee-shirts with the slogan “Don’t stand for intolerance.” After the camera panned in on the slogan so we watchers could read it, all the participants sat down. I presume that the message was that they were not standing for intolerance. Does that mean that we are supposed to be tolerant of any behavior? While I guess that we are supposed to be tolerant of “alternate” lifestyles (the purpose of the commercial), are we also supposed to be tolerant of mediocrity, the results of public education, union behavior, to do or say nothing, to tolerate the growth of government at all levels?

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9 Feb

Eastwood Makes Obama’s Day

How symbolic, the red and blue spheres merge and the resultant color is a deeper shade of blue. Propaganda is considered effective if it is subtle and delivers a covert or subliminal message without the subject being aware of the intent. In this image, the profile of Obama was superimposed over the merging of Conservatism and Socialism with the profile of Obama and the result is a deeper shade of blue; picturesque and convenient, Obama brings the country together and we are united under a deeper shade of Marxism. It was created by the same team that made the Chrysler commercial; it hasn’t achieved fruition, but not for a lack of effort by Obama and his lackeys.

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