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18 Nov

If you’re of the right, er, persuasion, you can skip paying taxes and still be the President’s “go-to guy”

The “Reverend” Al Shapton enjoys nearly unfettered access to President Barack Obama: Yeah. I supported President Obama when he was running, and to be honest, he felt that it was something he didn’t expect because I lived and led a[n] … Continue reading

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6 Nov

Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world

The GOP absolutely smashed democrats on Tuesday. Although some persist in denying it, it’s a wave. Come with me and let’s ride the wave. Surf’s up, dude! The epiphanies Chris Matthews: Obama lives in his own world: MSNBC host Chris … Continue reading

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4 Nov

Voter Fraud Open Thread- Updated

Voter fraud is well under way in Connecticut. Hartford voters reported a slew of problems at the four polling locations first thing on Tuesday morning — with no monitors at at least one site and voter registration books missing from … Continue reading

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23 Sep

The Human Story as Told by DNA

The story of mankind is essentially a story of migration and of reproduction of the species. In the past we relied on archaeological evidence and fossils to tell us of early man, but fossils are limited, because of the conditions … Continue reading

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20 Sep

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a blowhard

I used to like Neil deGrasse Tyson. Not any more. He is, like Obama, a blowhard. An arrogant, pompous blowhard who plays fast and loose with facts. Over at The Federalist Sean Davis has written a number of articles that … Continue reading

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14 Sep

Domestic Violence Is Not always What it Seems

Everyone is worried over the big violent men of the NFL and their domestic violence. A man beating a woman is pathetic, the sort of behavior we expect from Muslims. However, the stories often get better for the telling and … Continue reading

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10 Sep

Apple, Forges Ahead To Keep Up with the Competition

Apple introduced its new products and promptly lost 38 billion dollars of stock value within one hour. There were glitches in the launch of the two new larger iPhones 6, the Apple Watch, and Apple Pay; the show was late … Continue reading

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11 Jun

Hey, I thought you said Hillary didn’t have any lasting brain damage!

In her interview with Diane Sawyer, Hillary Clinton denied there was any lasting brain damage from her severe concussion suffered in December 2012. Hillary Clinton has not experienced any sustained after-effects from the concussion that sidelined her from her work … Continue reading

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8 May

What would the world look like if we were all liberals?

I got to thinking the other day- what if we were all liberals? What would the world look like? Before you get riled up, read on. What if all men were Bill Clinton? We could talk up women’s rights but … Continue reading

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3 May

A Diversion To Liven Things UP

Fiction: Carl was a warrior from a bygone age. He had served with the Third Marine Division during the war in Vietnam. Although he was with the Third Division, he felt none of the camaraderie of the typical esprit de … Continue reading

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