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30 Mar

Drifting On A Headwind (A Book Review)

Many of us had romantic dreams of traveling the world, and of having uncommon adventures. Jim Harlan did it, with often little more than the clothes on his back and a natural mechanical ability. He and his brother left Northern … Continue reading

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12 Feb

Happy Birthday, President #16

“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” -President Abraham Lincoln I remember walking into Barnes & Nobles and being captivated by the jacket cover of this novel. I didn’t purchase the book, but thought it was a great concept. … Continue reading

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27 Jun

The Great Gatsby, A Commentary On Our Ruling Elites

There has been renewed discussion of Fitzgerald’s book and the recent movie, The Great Gatsby. Although it would take a beating with a rubber hose to get me to sit through DiCaprio playing Jay Gatz, I consider Fitzgerald one of the great American wordsmiths, not just of the last century but for all time.

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19 Jun

Where do we come from? And what’s the point?

Some longtime readers may remember a bit of my background:

I was born in 1968, Phoenix, Arizona. My ethnicity? Thai. Beyond that, I have no knowledge of my birth heritage and biological parents, as I was given up for adoption.

I’ve always had a pretty strong memory.

Something that I have rarely shared with people, and which is deeply personal for me, but which I am willing to share with you readers and the NSA, is my earliest memory:

The moment of my birth.

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20 Dec

On this day in history: A Higher Call

December 20, 1943, 4 days before Christmas: a young American bomber pilot named Charlie Brown found himself somewhere over Germany, struggling to keep his plane aloft with just one of its four engines still working. They were returning from their … Continue reading

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9 Oct

Did Gog and Magog “tell” President Bush to go to war in Iraq?

“After Bush told Jacques Chirac that biblical prophecies were being fulfilled and specifically that ‘Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East,’ the French president decided, in Eichenwald’s words, that ‘France was not going to fight a war based on an American president’s interpretation of the Bible.'”

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15 Aug

The Bellman Is Ringing

There is a curious incident in American literature, an incident that leaves many literate children snickering at an absurd situation. I am writing of the Bellman’s bizarre odyssey, in Lewis Carroll’s, “The Hunting Of The Snark”; however, this short epic … Continue reading

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18 May


“Mr. President, by the time we’re through with these guys, they’re gonna have flies walking across their eyeballs.”
– Former CTC chief, Cofer Black, 60 Minutes last Sunday

Lawfare Blog has a roundup of some of the latest news regarding the “GWoT”:

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10 May

Panties in a Wad Over “Big Boy Pants”

“The reason for that is the torture that my client was subjected to by the men and women wearing the big-boy pants down at the CIA, it makes it impossible …”
– Air Force Captain Michael Schwartz, military counsel for the defence of Walid bin Attash

During the arraignment hearings, this comment was drowned out by white noise when the court security officer thought classified information might be mentioned. However, upon review, The Pentagon office in charge of the military commission tribunals decided nothing compromising was revealed and released a transcript on Wednesday.

Schwartz’ “big boy pants” was a snide reference to Jose Rodriguez (who proudly linked it onto his book’s Facebook wall) and his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl in which Rodriguez said,

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28 Apr

Making the Hard Measures

“This is an individual who probably didn’t give a rat’s ass about having water poured on his face,”


“We made some al-Qaida terrorists with American blood on their hands uncomfortable for a few days. I am very secure in what we did and am very confident that what we did saved American lives.”

-Jose Rodriguez, former chief of the CIA’s clandestine service

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