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12 Jan

Obama surrenders national security [Reader Post]

Whose side is he on? I have already posed that question.

It’s not enough that Barack Obama gives away British missile secrets to the Russians:

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19 Dec

Barack Obama has become a monster [Reader Post]

And Obama again proves that only gullible, stupid people vote for him.

Posted on the pomposity that is the site of the “Office of the President Elect” it says this:

Protect Whistleblowers: Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled.

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5 Feb

Obama stabs England in the back [Reader Post]

And continues the capitulation of the US to Russia.

In 2009 Barack Obama scrapped plans for a missile defense of Eastern Europe, including the installation of the radar system. It was seen a a victory for Russia

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24 Dec

Assange Crawls On His Belly

Assange Imitates Hitler’s Return Salute Looking older and more haggard than his sexual victims will remember him, Assange worries over his safety in the US prison system. Assange Claims He Could Be Killed In US Prison He feels he is … Continue reading

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22 Dec

Irony Defined [Reader Post]

I find many things ironic. However, I came across and article recently regarding the well known Julian Assange. As many of us know, he has a website called WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks’ sole purpose is to take confidential information and make it … Continue reading

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20 Dec

More Blood on the Hands of Wikileaks – Abbas Cooperated with Israel

Think this revelation by wikileaks will cost human lives? A U.S. cable leaked on Monday said Israel and President Mahmoud Abbas’s forces worked closely together against Hamas as it took over Gaza in 2007, a potentially embarrassing revelation for the … Continue reading

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19 Dec

“He’s Not A Bad Man, Just A Funny Bugger,” She Said

Lovesick Emails of Julian Assange Reveal A Horny Creep At The Very least The Lascivious Lecher At Work In April of 2004, Elizabeth ( a fictitious name) a 19 year old female approached Julian Assange in a Melbourne bar. Assange … Continue reading

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19 Dec

Liberals Cry over the Treatment PFC Bradley Manning (Traitor) Receives in Prison

Gotta agree with Jazz Shaw here, this kind of whining by the left about the “inhumane” prison treatment of the treasonous Manning is beyond idiotic, it’s embarrassing. Jazz Shaw spent some with the Military Police while he was in the … Continue reading

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8 Dec

Wikileaks Wages Cyber Warfare Against The United States & Our Government Does Nothing

While the tax cut issue is taking center stage this story is too important to allow to it to stay on the smaller stage: In a disclosure of some of the most sensitive information revealed yet by WikiLeaks, the website … Continue reading

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2 Dec

Does Obama Believe Wikileaks Treason Is a 1st Amendment Issue?

Pretty good video of Michael Scheuer, former intelligence officer for the CIA, on Bill O’Reilly discussing wikileaks and the reason why Obama hasn’t said nor did anything about the leak:

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