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10 Jan

The Sandy Relief Bill: A Sham, Wrapped In A Disappointment, Inside A Travesty [Reader Post]

My apologies to the late Sir Winston Churchill, minter of the the original words “It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” speaking of the now defunct Soviet Union. This is the only way I can describe … Continue reading

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26 Dec

Chuckleheads Unite! [Reader Post]

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10 Dec

The Only Thing Left for the Republican Party is its Obituary [Reader Post]

Despite its own insistence that it is very much alive, the Republican Party has now joined the crowd invisible. The sad pathetic truth of its demise is that those who once believed in it, and cared deeply for it, are … Continue reading

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28 Apr

Not All Capitalism Is Created Equal [Reader Post]

The Tea Party and Libertarians have been fighting Crony Capitalism for at least 3 years now. Some even longer. It’s not that Tea Party/Libertarian leaning people want others to be taxed at a higher rate or be regulated out of existence. It’s the influence of Crony Capitalism on policy and uses of elected officials to gain advantages single voters have no chance of getting that is the difference. Let us face facts, who is a politician going to be most influenced by:

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4 Apr

Oh those crazy Jewbagging kids! [Reader Post]

I can say without a doubt that my past is loaded with youthful indiscretions followed by a condensation trail of beer cans and cigarette butts as I rocketed into my forties. To say I speak with sympathetic experience when it comes to matters of drunken idiocy would be an understatement. With that being said….

What the hell is this little Debbie Wasserman Schultz protégée thinking?

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27 Mar

Republican Primary Armistice Act of 2012: The Pinky Swear Contract [Reader Post]

Thought I would get ahead of the curve and bow down to the inevitable anointing of Prince Romney. But before I do, and Team Romney’s Matt Rhoades starts pumping Matt Drudge with congratulatory headlines pre-approved and vetted by him and Eric Fehrnstrom, I wanted to use what little pull I and the rest of my fellow conservative cohorts and renegades have to solicit some promises, in writing, before we all have to kiss King Willard’s ring. (I am throwing up a little in my mouth as I forcefully tap these words into my trusty Hewlett-Packard with much groaning.)

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23 Mar

Shake Shake Shake! Shake Your Romney! [Reader Post]

Shake Shake Shake! Shake Your Romney! Shake Your Romney!

Thank you Mr. Fehrnstrom for saying out loud and confirming exactly what many conservative new long ago; Mitt Romney is promising to conservatives whatever it is that he thinks they want to hear without any intention of keeping it. The only thing shocking about this revelation is that Eric Fehrnstromn said it out loud, not in a conversation he believed was off the record or private, cut being broadcast by CNN live.

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13 Mar

Keeping It Classy In The Romney Family [Reader Post]

Up and at em’ last Sunday morning with some reheated Tim Hortons and a cat I am not particularly fond of in my lap I did my usual political news search looking for something to be offended by. What I came across left me in a state of befuddled indignation.

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7 Mar

Oh….Shut the Fluke Up! [Reader Post]

By now everyone has heard of poor lil’ Sandra Fluke. A 30 year old feminist activist posing as some lowly coed who can’t afford contraception and is saddened to see the looks of woman frazzled with sunken eyes, and long faces, tortured by the very thoughts that they may not be able to get laid 2.7 times that day due to lack of funds for contraceptives.

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1 Mar

Snowe Job [Reader Post]

I heard the news while on break at work; “Olympia Snow Retires” It was out of the blue and a rambling about partisanship was the reason given. Though she was prone to being a loose cannon who was part of a clique that loved to be coddled and pandered too when votes of significance were coming up, she was after all a number. A number that the Republican Party needed to be able to gain control of the Senate. Yet Olympia Snowe had decided that she had enough of the “partisanship” and was going to retire leaving just 16 days for potential Republican heirs to find 2000 signatures to fill her spot on the ballot. Which leaves one question with several possible correct answers: Why?

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