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26 Dec

The Logic Fallacy of the Progressive Left’s Duck Dynasty Argument‏‎ (Guest Post)

The Progressive Left’s argument is that Robertson said anti-gay remarks. I call BS.  Logic fallacy 100%. Robertson didn’t compare homosexuality to anything except what he believes is sin. The lefts temper tantrum started when an interviewer asked Robertson the following … Continue reading

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25 Nov

The Iran deal misleads (Reader Post)

The deal is a bluff. Egos trying to establish legacy; just like Clinton/Albright/Carter with their Sunshine Policy*** that lead to N.Korea going nuclear. Which was a glaring mistake of foreign policy (and a reason why I went political). Instead of … Continue reading

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3 Jul

Egypt and The Fraternal Brotherhood of Legitimacy [Reader Post]

Morsi, the former President of Egypt, may be under house arrest at this time yet he said early Wednesday morning: “I am the president of Egypt,” he shouted. “There is no substitute for legitimacy, no alternative.” Thomas Jefferson had this … Continue reading

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2 Feb

Interesting Timeline Of The Israeli/Syrian Strike [Reader Post]

The Background Syria’s Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) – the Scientific Studies and Research Center is the Syrian government agency responsible for non-conventional weapons development and production, including research on weapons of mass destruction and missiles that can deliver … Continue reading

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13 Oct

H.R. 6566: Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act‏ [Reader Post]

Make what you want with it. But H.R. 6566 Mass Fatality Planning is indeed an actual bill in committee. Seems most likely it won’t see the light of day. However I can’t help but to take pause.

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1 Oct

Doom [Reader Post]

I’m channeling the Monty; bringing you a healthy dose of DOOOOOM – one lump or two? Global economic growth has collapsed. WTO cuts global trade growth outlook. US durable goods orders dived 13.2 percent, the largest drop since January 2009. … Continue reading

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13 Jul

Institutionalized Failure [Reader Post]

Too big to fail” empowers “too big to fail” systems and “too big to fail” economies. Encouraging debt and the eventual assumption of debt passed on and commodified by increasingly larger political and economic entities creates supraentities built on debt and dedicated to economic regulation.

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6 Jul

Poverty has to “exist” if we are to fix the problem of poverty [Reader Post]

Trillions of dollars spent and not a damn difference. A culture of dependence was created. A voting bloc. Cradle to grave. The argument is not to say we shouldn’t help the poor. The issue is the metric by which we define, measure, help, and report on the poor.

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18 Jun

Obama says the previous economic model has failed [Reader Post]

Saying stuff like that… is just dishonest. Allow me a couple observations I realized over the last few years.

The middle class had metrics for success:
– House ownership
– College education
– Nice cars

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24 May

Peak Government: The game is up [Reader Post]

The house of cards will crash. Call it peak government. The game is up.

If we will not impose discipline on ourselves, the market will do it for us.

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