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27 Mar

Al’ Qaeda and the Islamic Caliphate [Reader Post]

We keep hearing about these “freedom fighters” in Tunisia, Egypt. Libya, and Yemen. We are told by the press that the people of these countries have spontaneously rose up to overthrow the oppressive dictatorships that have long held them imprisoned in poverty and despair. But who are these “freedom fighters” really, and how are they being trained and equipped? This paper questions whether what at first glance appears to be random events, might actually be a highly coordinated strategic war against the West by a surreptitious yet highly successful foe whose intent is upon global domination.

While we have been chasing Al’ Qaeda across the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Osama Ben Laden and Ayman Al Zawahiri have been busily fomenting revolutions throughout the Middle East

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20 Mar

The Fox and the Scorpion [Reader Post]

There is an ancient middle eastern parable that has passed down through the ages. That it continues to this day is a testament to the lasting insight of its tale. Although there are many variations of the tale, one variation … Continue reading

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7 Jan

Christmas Aboard Flight 253 [Reader Post]

Everything had worked perfectly. The years of expectation and the months of training and preparation were about to be gloriously fulfilled. Having defeated the infidels’ security measures and boarded the transatlantic flight 253 out of Amsterdam, Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, … Continue reading

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31 Oct

The Father of Lies [Reader Post]

I’ve always been amazed at how effortlessly some people can lie. I guess it comes from years of practice, or maybe some kind of genetic disposition, but there are some people who can lie without batting an eye. Barack Obama … Continue reading

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22 Oct

The Nine Thousand Ton Gorilla in the Room [Reader Post]

There is a nine thousand ton gorilla in the room, and nobody appears to be noticing him. I mean, he is the largest gorilla in the room. In fact, he is the ONLY gorilla in the room. Yet I haven’t … Continue reading

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10 Oct

I Am Mad! [Reader Post]

At a McCain-Palin rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Oct. 9th, 2008, one of the town hall participants was given a microphone. With microphone in hand, the man loudly proclaimed: “I am mad!”. He then went on to explain that it … Continue reading

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7 Oct

“Give Us Barabbas!” [Reader Post]

Barabbas was a thief, and Barabbas was a murderer. This they knew, yet they still shouted, “Give us Barabbas!” That the man they were condemning in his stead was completely innocent never entered their minds. Yes it is true that … Continue reading

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29 Sep

John McCain in Die Hard (2008) [Reader Post]

In 1988 Bruce Willis played the character of John McClane in the ground breaking movie Die Hard. The premise of the movie involved a group of determined thieves who were masquerading as terrorists in order to loot the Nakitomi Corporation … Continue reading

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25 Sep

The Great Obama Debate [Reader Post]

With John McCain potentially dropping out of Friday night’s debate due to the enormity of the current economic crisis, Barack Obama has resolutely declared that the debate will go on as scheduled.  John Lillpop of Canada Free Press has artfully … Continue reading

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12 Sep

Jesus Christ Was NOT a Community Organizer! [Reader Post]

Recently the Obama campaign and its surrogates have been putting forth the preposterous proposition that Jesus Christ was a “community organizer”, and that Pontius Pilate was a “governor”. The obvious connection they want us to make is that Barack Obama … Continue reading

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