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9 Apr

Democrats Shafting the Military Again: A Financial Sneak Attack by Obama and the Democrats [Reader Post]

Democrats always attack, decimate, reduce, belittle, disarm, and de-fund the military.

Here is some more of the Democrat party putting down the military and making them pay taking their pay.

The United States military forces were greatly reduced by the Democrats after World War I in the years before the December 07, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. At that time our military had been reduced to a very dangerously low level. We had to pay dearly for that foolishness.

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5 Jun

Entitlements? A Tale of Two People [Reader Post]

He is sixty eight years old.

She is sixty seven years old.

After more than forty five years of paying into Social Security and Medicare with each and every paycheck they received; they retired.

Sometimes that payment meant that they did not eat for a day or two.

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22 May

Pointing out the Obvious [Reader Post]

Pointing Out the Obvious

Preaching to the Choir

And Whistling in the Dark

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30 Apr

Relative Motion and the Obama Express [Reader Post]

I once thought I could run twenty miles an hour.

I was fast. I could outrun my mongrel dog; he was about fifteen pounds and fifteen inches high.

I thought I was something.

What I really was was twelve years old.

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26 Apr

The Light of Your Life [Reader Post]

When an entrepreneur wants to create a product to sell at a profit (why else?) what are some of the things they consider?

Let us try some logical thinking.

To make a profit you have to sell your product for more than it takes to manufacture that product.

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16 Apr

Ethanol and Unicorns [Reader Post]

Pushing ethanol is either ignorance or intentional damage to the health and wellbeing of the people of the world. It will reduce food supplies and raise the price of transportation and those food supplies.

I have heard you should not attribute to malice what simple stupidity or incompetence can explain.

I no longer accept that.

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14 Apr

Alternative Energy Is Crap [Reader Post]


There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

The first place I read that was in one of Robert Heinlein’s novels.

Nothing is free.

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3 Apr

Misdirection: “When we play our Charades” [Reader Post]

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

Over the past fifty years, I have noticed that every time it appears that congress, or the president, is about to do something good or useful for the country; a major diversion suddenly appears.

(This is especially true when the subject is taxes)

“Oh look! A Loon!” or “I saw big foot once” or “uncontrolled meltdown at major national candy factory”.

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29 Mar

What Is important? [Reader Post]

The most important thing in the world to you is the survival of you and your family.

You need to be secure enough in your own home to sleep at night without fear; to have enough food for however many meals you and your family need each day.

To be protected from the weather.

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19 Mar

Blocking ESP; or How I Scared My Grandmother [Reader Post]

What Skookum does with horses could be called “Mind over Horse”.

I have done much the same with wolves; I bred some about twenty years ago.

I even had success with cats and a couple of birds.

The wolves were easy; they are very smart and know what is going on around them. The alpha male of this pack became the best non human buddy I ever had. In all the years he was with me, I only heard him bark once.

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