4 Responses to Alice, A Woman For All Seasons

  1. james Raider says: 1

    Skook, you just keep getting better and better.

    I suspect that as your substantial intellect listens more and more to your inner intuitive energy, your Soul, your words flow our way with greater ease, and with ever rising profundity – fortunately for us, your readers.

    ….. when we part with this mortal coil, we take only what is in our heart.

    Absolutely – our feelings and the bonds we form prevail beyond our corporeal journeys, and our Souls leave the rest behind. This is unquestionably one of the most profound contributions delivered here on Curt’s FA in all the years I’ve been checking in.

    Seems to me you are in a good place, Skook. Much to be grateful for.

    Looking forward to more, as always.

    Alice is powerful Soul whose gift to humanity is as consequential as ever. Her guidance toward gratitude is utterly complex, and insightful and her confidence is a thing of beauty. Thank you for this.

  2. Skook says: 2

    @james Raider: Thanks JR, this has been a moving experience for me, and I can’t let it go. The response at skooksjournal.com has been overwhelming.

    I am overwhelmed and speechless, from reading and listening, thanks again.

  3. joetote says: 3

    You can not believe how close this hits to home with me! Skook, you never fail to amaze me but this is far and beyond your absolute best. My aunt (her brother was killed in a concentration camp) told us stories like this but to have it brought to life as you just did is awe inspiring.
    Not only a heart wrenching tale, but you have once again in my opinion performed an important public service. Far too many want to erase the Holocaust from memory! Kudos my friend for fighting the good fight.

    now, I have to find a tissue.


  4. Skookum says: 4

    @joetote: I thought you would enjoy this one.


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