16 May

Let’s Join With Obama And Supply Pistols That Don’t Jam To These Homicidal Maniacs

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If you believe in Obama’s rainbows and unicorns, don’t watch this video. Just join the ranks with the RINOs like McCain and Rubio and march with the Progressives. We can join this insanity and feel good about ourselves.

Lest we forget, on September 11, 2012, America was attacked by radical Islamists once again. Four Americans were killed, including our ambassador to Libya.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton made every effort to blame the attack on America. Hunting and killing the terrorists seems to have never been a consideration.

The infamous video, that no one besides the administration knew existed, caught the bulk of blame for al Qaeda’s assault on America. Consequently, many Americans and people of the world believe: American misbehavior and Third World suffering is the primary reason why the radical Jihadist feels compelled to commit atrocities against America, reasoning supported by many of our university academics and radicals i.e. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, our president’s reverend and confidant for twenty years. An insufficient time to have discerned Reverend Wright’s anti-American discourse and philosophy. However, they have similar philosophes; hate speech, racism, and Islamophobia, two byproducts of our First Amendment, have compounded the resentment of the Muslim World, if only we would allow Obama to harness this freedom of speech, our problems with Islam would end, according to Obama, Wright, and Muslim fanatics.

Our leadership has assumed the role of supreme apologist for all injustices, real and imagined, to Islam. So great is our guilt, we will no longer defend our diplomats who come under attack. The three A.M. calls of desperation will be answered with indifference or not at all, so overwhelming is America’s guilt. Indeed, we wallow in our guilt, so horrific is our sin against Islam, Obama has advertised apologies to the Muslim world on Arab TV and begging forgiveness.

Our president and secretary of state apologized so meaningfully and profusely over a video, that previously no one knew existed, the Muslim world erupted into an orgy of violent riots, and dozens of people were killed. Thus through Obama’s policy of appeasement and apology, death to innocents was the result.

img-001The Boston atrocity also attracted the apologists from the Left like flies to carrion, as they struggled to fault America for the bastards Tsarnaev, for our transgressions left these cretins feeling as if they had no alternative but to strike back at America. Again, it is our fault that we ruined the lives of these young men, and we must change to avoid such catastrophes in the future.

In this enlightened Age of Obama, we must be ready to abandon our ally Israel and let them face the armageddon they so richly deserve. We must also distance ourselves from traditional Arab allies in the Middle East. Until we retreat from our mistakes, our interests, and our allies, to make nice with our former enemies al Qaeda, only then can we have peace with the madmen and maniacs of al Qaeda. It is to our advantage to be seen as weak and ineffectual, for then our enemies will have no reason to hate us and eventually, to destroy us.

Unfortunately, our enemy doesn’t want to peace in our time: it is their ideology to destroy us and Western Civilization. Weakness within our leadership is perceived as an opportunity to exploit, and policies of apology and appeasement are recognized as weaknesses and a deficit of leadership. Radical Islam is not soothed by our weaknesses; they are emboldened.

A willingness to let Americans die rather than take a chance of offending the feelings of terrorists and homicidal maniacs, to have Secretary Clinton scream, “What difference does it make?” has destroyed the image and credibility of the leadership of a superpower and by default awarded those same attributes to al Qaeda.
Yet, the Obama Administration is currently on thin ice to defend a cover-up whose sole purpose was to maintain an illusion over victory over al Qaeda, the same group our president seeks to build an alliance with. Unfortunately, the president’s incompetence or inability to make hard choices during a critical moment on 9/11/2012 is more damning than the ever changing lies and endless finger pointing needed to maintain this precarious web of deceit.

This is the president who stood in front of the United Nations and said our ambassador was in Benghazi to build a new hospital and school. Was this another lie?

Would Ambassador Stevens be worried about building public services in an area where he didn’t feel safe and was requesting additional security or was he buying advanced weapons left over from the Gaddafi regime or selling weapons to the same people who killed him. The president has lost all credibility and no one will ever expect an honest answer from him; still, Americans have a right and a need to know the truth from a regime that tends to resemble an Orwellian nightmare more and more with the passage of each hour and the unremitting headlines.

Sadly, we continue to hear the orders to “Stand Down” being whispered by those who control, yet desire more control and power.

“Stand down America, stand down and trust in me, I am never wrong and I never make a mistake.”


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4 Responses to Let’s Join With Obama And Supply Pistols That Don’t Jam To These Homicidal Maniacs

  1. Skook says: 1

    Please notice and enjoy how the executioner turns and points the jammed pistol at the bellies of his two nervous henchmen, it is a priceless moment. A few days on the ranges at Parris Island might teach him basic weapon handling skills. There is no need to learn marksmanship, you don’t really need marksmanship skills at a range of three feet.

  2. Nan G says: 2

    The new GED is essay based.
    Each essay question is preceded by a paragraph from which the student (home schooled or not) must base his answer.
    Here is the little LIE-FILLED paragraph on the question…. “Does Foreign Aid Really Help?”

    Those who support sending aid to poor countries do so because poor countries often have high levels of poverty, poor educational systems, an ineffective police and judicial force, and limited public services such as healthcare, transportation networks, and banking systems.
    They believe that when living conditions are this poor, crime levels tend to be higher.
    Poorer countries, because they have weak governments, often have areas that attract terrorist groups because no one is there to stop them from pursuing those types of activities.
    Thus, poor countries are often home to terrorist groups that are free to plan and carry out attacks on the rich, industrialized nations, without fear of being stopped.
    This is in fact [bold words are mine] what happened on 9/11 when terrorists from Afghanistan hijacked planes and carried out attacks on the United States.
    In this case, the terrorists originated in a country that had received large amounts of foreign aid from rich countries.
    Apparently, it didn’t work.

    Quote from:


    [M]any Americans and people of the world believe: American misbehavior and Third World suffering is the primary reason why the radical Jihadist feels compelled to commit atrocities against America, reasoning supported by many of our university academics and radicals i.e. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, our president’s reverend and confidant for twenty years.

    This is what our children are being taught in public schools.
    This is what the media swears over and again is true.
    This is now what even home schooled children will be forced to parrot back.

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  4. Poppa_T says: 3

    I believe that this story by the Center for Western Journalism is the most plausible explanation for what happened in Benghazi on 11 September 2012.



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