4 Feb

Do not photoshop this image

obama shoots

In an effort to show he’s one of the guys the White House released an image of Barack Obama discharging a shotgun and demanded that no one manipulate the image.

“This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.”

That ludicrous order set loose a flood of photoshoppers into action.

Among the first was Soopermexican:


Then Patterico:


Mark Dice:

mark dice

And more:


lassiez faire




steelers universe









Finally, it was announced that Obama will star in a remake of a Clint Eastwood movie and it will be titled

“Dirty Barry”

dirty barry 2a

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22 Responses to Do not photoshop this image

  1. Jim S says: 1

    The real reason the administration said “no Photoshopping” is that they hate competition. ;-)
    Judging by the “birth certificate” they have some low talent editors at the White House.

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  3. kevino says: 2

    The image has got to be a complete fraud. They gave him the gun, told him which end to point down range, and staged the shot. There’s only one skeet station where the target flies directly over him so that it appears straight ahead, and the only way he’s aimed that flat is if he let the bird go W-A-Y past him.

    There was a lady Senator or Congresswoman who challenged him to a real skeet shooting match. I notice he hasn’t responded to the challenge.

  4. mathman says: 3

    Impossible photo. Anyone who has ever shot a 12 gauge knows about the recoil.
    If this were real, Zippy would have fractured his cheek, and perhaps broken his clavicle.
    A second shot would have burned his fingers.
    And what’s with the smoke? He’s shooting a modern weapon using black powder?
    More bogus than the birth certificate.

  5. A.Men says: 4

    The only person on earth who does not look cool holding a gun — wuzzy, barry Preezy obomba.

  6. kevino says: 5

    URL: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2013/02/seven_reasons_why_its_a_photo-opp_3.html

    “If he’s shooting skeet then I’m Daffy Duck. … Now, what’s wrong with the president’s picture? First the weapon is nearly level to the ground. Can’t be skeet shooting, nor likely trap either. “

  7. Nan G says: 6

    I’m always amazed by the photos of Obama they they allow out here.
    Him trying to figure out how to get an umbrella through a gate.
    Him ”throwing” a football.
    Him on a bicycle.
    Too sissy.
    Why not some photos of him playing basketball?
    And this obviously faked gun photo?
    What IS he shooting at?
    Not an innocent skeet?
    REAL skeet shooters.

  8. johngalt says: 7

    Why photoshop the pic when the issued image makes him look so bad in the first place?

    I wonder how many of the Secret Service guys/gals were quietly laughing their asses off while the photo was being staged.

  9. drjohn says: 8

    Can anyone identify the type of shotgun Obama is wielding?

  10. Aye says: 9


    Browning Citori

  11. johngalt says: 10


    I was going to say an “expensive one”. I’d have been right, too. Those over/under shotguns ain’t cheap!

  12. Greg says: 11

    Yep. You can get a really close look at Obama firing it in this high resolution photograph. (Click on the image for an enlargement.) To me the distribution of motion blurs suggest the photo hasn’t been faked—which is not to say it wasn’t staged. Camp David has a skeet facility, though, so it’s not much of a stretch to imagine Obama takes advantage of that on occasion. It might be a way to entertain visitors while making a certain presidential impression.

    I see no problem with the way the gun is shouldered, but the angle of the barrel at discharge seems a bit low for skeet. Maybe, like Mr. Cheney, he’s taking aim at a passing lawyer.

  13. Nan G says: 12

    @Greg: Good point about the difference between faked and staged, Greg.
    The Iranians staged their monkey in space photos.
    One monkey ”went up.”
    Another monkey was shown as having ”come back.”
    There were no ”fake monkeys,” only perhaps one dead or lost-in-space monkey.
    See the third photo in the series.

    Obama often does things for appearances’ sake.
    Like his campaign mode speeches with a hand-picked audience when he really needs to LEAD by working with Congress.

  14. Greg says: 13

    An over-under shotgun might be a practical choice for a left-handed shooter.

  15. Chipset says: 14

    Greg, Perhaps. But he also wears his watch on his left hand. Don’t most lefties wear it on the right?

  16. UpChuck.Liberals says: 15

    Two points, zippy has x-ray vision, he can look through the barrel 2. The smoke should be coming out of his ass. Sorry Greg this photo is as fake as your Dear Leader.

  17. Greg says: 16

    @Chipset, #14:

    One problem you get if you wear your watch on your right wrist is that with the 12 top-side, the winder ends up on the same side as your right elbow. This makes it very difficult to wind or set your watch left-handed without taking it off. You can buy left-handed watches, but they’re a lot less common than right-handed watches. In the close-up photo it looks like Obama has a normal right-handed watch.

  18. he sing; smoke get in your eyes,

  19. CURT

  20. JustAl says: 19

    It makes no difference whatsoever. He seeks to overturn the letter and spirit of the Constitution he falsely swore to defend.

    He is scum.

  21. GREG
    THAT MUST BE HIS WATCH that make him tick the wrong way,
    he always look like he is upside down,

  22. johngalt says: 21


    Maybe, like Mr. Cheney, he’s taking aim at a passing lawyer.

    Nah! Obama would be aiming at everyone but the passing lawyers. Maybe a corporate CEO?


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