23 Nov

Caption This

buy propecia onlineolasAsfouriAFPGty_600.jpg” width=”407″ height=”271″ class=”size-full wp-image-86564″ /> Nicolas Asfouri / AFP / Getty Images (Obama makes his move in Burma)

The story

Eager to take advantage of such a photo opportunity before the world media, Obama leaned in for a little kiss, as a Chicago pol might at a South Side rally where women would squeal for a presidential peck. Obama is a big political kisser. He kisses females everywhere. Introduce him at a rally, you get a kiss. Hug too, probably. He knows the ladies love it.

But Asia ain’t Hyde Park. Public kissing, even between husband and wife, is rarely seen. Between a man and woman not married it’s downright outrageous, even scandalous. So Obama’s presumably affectionate but impolite, totally out of place smooch created an international moment more awkward than a first date.

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22 Responses to Caption This

  1. Skookum says: 1

    In a word, “Classless” it’s obvious his sycophants and yes men have failed miserably in prepping him for his international photo ops; but what the heck, after 30 minutes on his trusty iPad en route to meet with foreign dignitaries, he could have learned that Chicago standards of behavior don’t play out well as a substitute for protocol with foreign dignitaries on the international stage.

    How utterly embarrassing, he looks like a drunk lecher trying to cop a feel.

  2. Skookum says: 2

    Let’s go back to my plane, watch the bears play on the flat screen, and have a couple of cold ones.

  3. bwax says: 3

    Oh come on, I’ve screwed everyone else, why not you too?

  4. drjohn says: 4

    “You can duck but you can’t hide!”

  5. retire05 says: 5

    “Hey, HEY, come back here. Don’t you know what hot eye candy I am?”

  6. drjohn says: 6

    If I stick my tongue in your ear then can I bow?

  7. she said; get away from me you arrogant creep

  8. Richard Wheeler says: 8

    PLEASE Don’t tell Ms.Bees. She Secretly Digs Me and I wouldn’t Wanna MAKE HER JEALOUS.

  9. OH THAT’S OKAY , I’m use to take a whole mob of women like you,
    and they love my kissing and hugging,
    that’s why I’m still in power, but don’t give me honey for desert,
    it make my ears buzz.
    allergies you know

  10. Wm T Sherman says: 10

    Cad. Bounder. Masher. Poltroon.

  11. David Brickner says: 11

    That wouldn’t be another transgendered “friend” from his childhood….would it???

  12. hey, I came here to escape from for the end of the world in the west
    I will start a new world with you

  13. Petercat says: 13

    I still have the greatest respect for the office of the President of the United States.
    I just wish that the current occupant did as well.

  14. I have been exile can I stay here?

  15. Smorgasbord says: 15

    It seams that our president doesn’t want to take the time to learn the ways and cultures of other countries, and wants everybody to adjust to him. Even after four more year of him, I won’t adjust to him.

  16. Ditto says: 16

    “How would you like a “special” tour of Air Force One?”

  17. MOS 8541 says: 17

    What a LOOSER! Continues to demonstrate the Ugly American attitude around the world. Where is Alice and the rabbit when you need them the most? After seeing this photograph, I can hide in any size hole.

  18. Pops says: 18

    Yankee sailor, you pay first…

  19. Marine72 says: 19

    @Richard Wheeler: #8: ??

  20. Marine72 says: 20

    @Smorgasbord: #15:

    It seams that our president doesn’t want to take the time to learn the ways and cultures of other countries, and wants everybody to adjust to him.

    It seems that what “he wants” is his arrogant assumption that the world operates on the next hit from his fellow schoomers.

  21. Smorgasbord says: 21

    @Marine72: #20

  22. Art says: 22

    Phew! You smell like lilac pomade and KOOL cigarettes. Me no like.


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