21 Nov

USDA Plans to Implement Mandatory RFID Biometric Tracking Systems [Reader Post]

The history of Socialists leaders is not a good one in regards to placing tracking numbers on people, why should we expect it to be any better when at least 1-in-6 Americans can be “chipped” and tracked simply by passing in the proximity of a RFID Sensor?

From the USDA’s own webpage, we know that they have been interested in the use of Biometrics, including fingerprint and facial recognition: Use of Biometric Identification Technology to Reduce Fraud in the Food Stamp Program

Biometric identification systems are currently operational at some level in Arizona, California (under county initiative, first by Los Angeles County), Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. Finger imaging is the principal form of technology used in all eight States, though alternative technologies have simultaneously undergone trials in Massachusetts (facial recognition) and Illinois (retinal scanning). By the end of 2000, new systems are expected to be in place in California (statewide unified system), Delaware, and North Carolina. Other States are currently in the initial planning stages, including Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

And: Introduction to Biometric Identification Technology: Capabilities and Applications to the Food Stamp Program

In recent years Graficas Impactantes. 70% Comisiondent-monitoring/”>Schools around this nation have required RFID chip embedded ID’s to track Students anywhere on (and when they go off) campus.

The Food and Drug Administration in the US has approved the use of RFID chips in humans.

Maybe Obama should have told Americans about this before the Food Stamp Program reached a total of 50,000,000 Americans being enrolled in the program. Or may be that’s part of the agenda. It wouldn’t surprise me at all for Democrats to sneak through and RFID requirement on drivers licenses and ID’s. (Sarc-on) Although they would very likely even then fight to keep RFID technology to be used for voter identification. Sarc-off) .

For more Information:

RFID injectable transponders are also available with the AIN number for certain species.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) “In an effort to make passports more secure, several countries have implemented RFID in passports.”

CNN: “Is human chip implant wave of the future?”

Washington Post 2010: “Human microchips seen by some in Virginia House as device of antichrist”

“Several states, including Wisconsin, have approved bans such as the one Virginia is proposing, and the Georgia Senate passed a similar bill last week.”

Oh, and in fairness, Bush supported Varichip too. Knowing all the things Democrats snuck in Obamacare, maybe we should see if RFID’s are in there.

Have I made you paranoid yet?

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