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The Real War on Women [Reader Post]

Hola amigos. It's been a while since I've blogged at ya, but things have been busy here in Brother Bobland lately. Getting laid off two weeks ago has strangely left me busier than ever, between trawling for jobs and interviewing and knocking out the many household maintenance and improvement projects needed in preparation for January's expected arrival of Baby Bob. So I started writing a piece a few weeks ago that I never got around to finishing. While the debates and our president's spectacular foreign policy failures have been dominating deadlines it's important not to overlook some of the smaller news items that are part of the big picture.

A few weeks ago a story bubbled up on the web and twitter about what Mark Stein would have referred to as the Obama Campaign's latest exploding cigar. It seems that the official White House Tumblr page had a rather obnoxious e-card that was soon afterward removed from its site:

Obama's campaign missteps generally get ignored by the mainstream media because 1) They happen so often and 2) They're being done by a Democrat. Not quite on the level of “You didn't build that”, this was a minor mistake more on the level of “The Life of Julia”. Objectifying women as walking “lady parts” certainly wasn't as newsworthy as the debate results and the left's showing what it's made of by focusing on a gigantic yellow puppet in hopes of salvaging that debacle. But there is an underlying message behind this minor event that makes a much bigger statement about the left.

I had written previously how according to the left waging a “War on Women” is demonstrated by not supporting women being dependent on the government while encouraging them to spread sexually transmitted diseases. Looking at the latest misfire, aside from its juvenile silliness, shows the larger problem of how the left objectifies women, along with all of the identity groups it courts. When it comes to women the left fixates so heavily on abortion and birth control, it sends the phenomenally insulting message that women should not concern themselves with issues beyond that. Blogger Gabriella Hoffman does a great takedown of how the Democrats reduce women to sex objects:

The question beckons: Should women vote with their brains or their lady parts? If the latter best resonates with our gender, then they might want to reevaluate their priorities.

Much like their radical feminist supporters, many Democrats think that government-subsidized birth control is the only issue concerning women.

The Left, with the Democrat Party claiming to be the party of women, ironically has hurt women the most. CNSNews.com reported in July that 780,000 more women are unemployed since Obama took office in 2008. . . .

It applies across all of the gender / racial characters that the left pigeon holes:

  • If you're gay and don't align yourself with the party that supports laws that endorse teaching gay marriage to young students and forcing Catholic adoption centers to close you are a sell out
  • If you are Hispanic and don't align with a crowd that supports no border security and ignoring efforts to expel those who are illegally you you've betrayed your people.
  • If you're black, standing up in righteous anger over an interracial crime against a black man is good. But you also have to ignore incidents of black on black crime, and you have to also endorse an educational system that ensures that your children remain trapped in failing schools. Black conservatives get the worst of the left's venom.
  • And women? If you have the nerve and gall to differ from the leftist doctrine as to when life starts, well then you're not even a woman. And I thought it was conservatives who had trouble with science?

This also points out to a strange paradox of the left. The same people who preach diversity and multiculturalism only open the door to gay leftists, Hispanic leftists, black leftists, female leftists, and even to white, male heterosexual leftists. But if your beliefs vary from them you are no longer part of your identity group. To the left diversity only applies at the most superficial levels, where conservatives generally will judge the person on the merit of t

heir actions and capabilities. If you don't believe me look no further than how the media treated Herman Cain versus Barack Obama. Neither one is qualified to be president. Before the flames start, I was and still am a huge fan of Cain. I was grateful to see someone manage to pull economics to the front of the debates during the primaries. That said, you have to have an answer other than 9-9-9 to foreign policy questions. I'd love to see Cain as Secretary of the Treasury in a Romney administration though. I'm pretty sure he passes the basic skill test of being able to handle Turbo Tax.

Back on topic, look at how both have been treated by the press. I can probably count on two hands the number of times I heard the mainstream press not lead off a news story by introducing Cain as “Pizza Man…” While yes, this was his most famous accomplishment, why not go with a more accurate title of “Business Man”? Cain has some great accomplishments under his belt of turning around under performing companies. By contrast, how many times did you hear the president get prefaced as “Community Organizer” (code for racist), or more accurately, “Unaccomplished Parasite”?

The sad reality is that the left needs this divisiveness to hold onto power. They've seen union might eroding over the last few decades. Hispanics did not evolve into a racist voting block that can be counted on to vote around 90% for a presidential candidate that shares their racial background. The left needs to wall off these demographics and do everything that they can to preserve those bases. The ones who venture out have to be destroyed if they should start to ascend to power. Note the vitriol that gets sent toward the Palins, Cains, Backmans, and Clarence Thomases in America.

Back in 2008 President Obama ran on a platform of unifying this country, but this administration seems to have nothing more than fear, anger, and resentment. It started with the professional leftists launching the Occupy Wall Street movement to create a phony class warfare story for the press to use to distract from the president's mishandling of our economy. We saw the need to “punish your enemies” or how “they're gonna put y'all back in chains”. As for Women, Mark Steyn summed it up yesterday:

As the president says , women are not an interest group. No, sir, they're several interest groups, and one can't but admire the generational thoroughness of the Democratic campaign with their precisely targeted advertising: Barack Obama will satisfy your lady parts , deflower your daughter , turn your grade-schooler into a glassy-eyed Kim Jong Il extra , and get gran'ma mouthing like a gangsta ho .
What, nothing for the horny-cougar demographic?

Personally, I don't see how every woman is not insulted at how condescending and intellectually shallow the efforts to target their vote have been. Apparently objecting to paying for your abortions or birth control is the equivalent of a ban to this administration. No word if the lefties are ready to self identify as Prohibitionists for failing to pick up my bar tab. Not supporting laws whose only real purpose is to extend deadlines for lawsuits by trial lawyers equals not supporting equal pay for women. The worst part of this is the unspoken message that girls shouldn't be bothered to worry about manly issues like the economy, foreign policy or energy. Apparently women aren't smart enough to think with anything but their lady parts when they vote. It almost sounds like the left is objectifying women as nothing more than giant walking vaginas. But that's just crazy talk, right?

And if we take the left's thinking to its logical conclusion the only people who are qualified to relate on major issues are… older white men. Personally, I can't get behind that kind of bigoted thinking.

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