31 Oct

Why US forces got no help in Benghazi [Reader Post]

As Sandy sank its teeth into the Eastern seaboard, Barack Obama readied himself with a discussion of the music on his i-pod.

As Hurricane Sandy barreled toward the Mid-Atlantic this morning, and the White House scrambled to get the commander in chief back to Washington, President Obama could be heard on the radio airwaves in battleground Ohio talking about his iPod.

“I’ve got a pretty good mix. I’ve got old school. Stevie Wonder and James Brown. I’ve got Rolling Stones. Bob Dylan. And then I’ve got everything from Jay-Z to Eminem to the Fugees to you name it,” Obama told DJ E.J. Greig of Cincinnati’s 101.1 The Wiz in a pre-taped interview.

“There’s probably not a group that you play that I don’t have on my iPod. So I’ve got some jazz, John Coltrane, Miles Davis. Got some Gil Scott Heron on there. You gotta mix it up,” he said. “It just depends on the mood I’m in.”

The seven-minute interview was taped Saturday during Obama’s campaign stop in New Hampshire. It’s unclear if any listeners found the chat discordant at a time of serious impending crisis, though the timing does illustrate a potential peril of pre-taping lighter interviews in advance of an anticipated event demanding somber presidential posture.

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This wasn't the first time Obama was distracted by conversations about music. Obama was in it with Pimp with a Limp on September 11.

Obama: DJ Laz.

Laz: O-Bama!

Obama: “What’s going on, man?”

Laz: “How are you, sir?”

Obama: “Blessed and highly favored.”

Laz: It is an honor and pleasure to have the president of the United States. I’m humbled

Obama: “I’m the one who should be humbled. You’re big time. You’ve got Pitbull and Flo Rida and all these guys just beating a path to your door. And so I’m hoping I can get a little of that magic from you in this interview.”

Laz: I’m wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey

Obama: “You’ve got to start with that Dolphins thing. Did you see that HBO special Hard Knocks. That’s a pretty good show. As I recall, you guys didn’t win any… in the preseason”

Laz: Now I’m getting ragged on by the president of the United States

Obama: “I’m just saying you brought it up. My Bears – I’m feeling pretty good about them.”

He knows his tunes. He knows his sports. He just doesn't know what happened in Benghazi.

He's got priorities, man.


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