17 Jun

Heads On A Stake

Yes, putting Obama’s head on a stake and using it in a movie or in decapitation scenes would warrant apoplectic Progressives and Liberals to grasp their crotch and jump up and down like small children waiting in a long line to use the bathroom, but putting Bush’s head on a stake is an exercise in effigy conservation. Surely a cadre of FBI agents would descend on the light hearted pranksters who dared to use a facsimile of Obama’s head; since no less than ten agents were sent to Florida to investigate whether George Zimmerman displayed traces of racial bigotry while perforating targets at neighborhood ranges and buying weapons at gun stores. We all know, the slightest hint of racism or an ethnic joke would catapult the Martin tragedy into the realm of a federal hate crime and out of the realm of a normal Florida shooting.

There is a deeper and ominous warning for all of you who may have said something off color one day in your life in the distant past, if you are involved in an altercation with a minority, you can and likely will be charged with a hate crime and receive the full prosecutorial attention of the Holder In-Justice Department after you have been investigated by the FBI, like Mr. Zimmerman.

I am reminded of a discussion over dinner at the home of one of my wealthy Liberal customers. There was a heated exchange over the qualifications of Obama, after the ’08 election. My adversary referred to Mr. Obama and I referred to him in my most formal manner “Obama”. As the conversation became animated, I was informed of the fact that Mr. Obama was the correct way to refer to the president. I asked if he referred to president Bush by using the same salutary greeting. He glared at me in a state of rage.

We must always remember the two heads on stakes; one of them represents a hate crime, a federal felony and prison sentence: the other is a funny prank by free-spirited fun loving guys.

I assume my lack of respect for the president, has been duly noted by the Obama Administration, just in case I should stray into an area of questionable legality.


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