12 Jun

The Obama Supporters Are Quickly Disappearing

I thought if you don't vote for Obama you're a racist?

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I'm sure we will get Jeb Bush any moment now calling him an extremist.

Well, we all know Obama Girl is an extremist right?

If Obama Girl isn't gaga over Obama anymore you have to know the party is over.

I kid of course. She matters not one whit in this election or the last but you know what does? Donors:

Percentage decrease in donors who gave $200 to Barack Obama in 2008 but have not yet in 2012, by state. The darkness of the state corresponds to the percentage of drop-off donors. (BuzzFeed/Ky Harlin)

As Mitt Romney's campaign fundraising gathers steam, boosted by huge contributions to allied groups, President Barack Obama is unexpectedly struggling to keep pace — and he may be having the hardest time in the mountainous west, where moderate Democrats have made deep inroads in recent years.

As BuzzFeed reported last week, 88% of donors who gave $200 or more to Obama in 2008 have yet to give that amount to his campaign this cycle.

A deeper analysis of campaign finance data shows that the west has seen an especially high level of drop off in Obama donors. Oregon topped the list with a 91% decrease in donors giving at least $200—the amount required for contributions to be individually reported—and Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho were close behind.

And all those kids who loved themselves some Obama? They're none too happy:

Obama seems to have transformed the cohort of 18- to 29-year-olds, a whopping 66 percent of whom preferred him over John McCain, from passionate voters who thought Obama really did offer change they could believe in, into people feeling, in the words of veteran political analyst Charlie Cook, “disappointment and disillusionment.”

Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg recently found Obama leading Romney among these same voters just 55 percent to 43 percent. And focus groups of young undecided voters in Ohio and North Carolina, conducted by the Republican organization Resurgent Republic, found them unhappy with the direction of the country, skeptical about an improving economy and deeply disappointed with the president. He “promised the moon,” one young voter told pollsters, “and couldn't even deliver the upper atmosphere.”

Black's voting for Romney, media seeking Obama lovers not feeling it anymore, young Obama voters disillusioned, and donors leaving The One in droves….who's to blame?

Let's blame Germany.


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