103 Responses to Lynch George Zimmerman! [Reader Post]

  1. Comm0n Sense says: 101

    @Richard Wheeler: Thanks Richard. Living in the San Diego area provides very good VA facilities. Busy but honestly I can’t complain one bit!!

  2. Richard Wheeler says: 102

    Common Sense You are deservedly welcome. I live in San Clemente. They said Long Beach, I said La Jolla My primary is in the new Oceanside facility.

    OFF SUBJECT Just watched Marco Rubio enthusiastically endorse Romney
    Very impressive young man. As VP he can secure win for Romney or decline, watch BHO win and be clear frontrunner in 2016

  3. Comm0n Sense says: 103

    @Richard Wheeler: I have an appointment at the Oceanside facility tomorrow. LaJolla is very very busy, hard to find parking anywhere around that place. Good observation on Marco, I think he has a bright future and as bad a failure as 0-bama has proven to be, it’s still a tough challenge to take out an incumbant. Having said that though, it can be done. Carter is a good example of a failed President but a nice guy.


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