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Intelligence And Mis-Information as told by J. V. Hoffman



Wounded Aboard The USS Liberty After Being Attacked By Israel

It is painful to say, but so many of us don't understand the difference between 'Intelligence' and 'Mis-Information'. This article will illustrate several factors that escape our consciousness of thought; unfortunately, most of us are victims of mis-information. I served in counterterrorism and counterintelligence for 27 years. Most people think because they have served in the military or in the government they actually have a true grasp of what is actually happening; nothing could be further from the truth!

Sadly, most of us will go to the grave, without ever really knowing the truth. Every government of the world is involved in intelligence and mis-information. Here is a simplified version of who is responsible for what:


1. Private Contractors
2. Intelligence agencies
3. Military personnel
4. Private Individuals


1. Mis-Informed Politicians
2. News Media
3. Military Personnel
4. Foreign Governments and Diplomats
5. General Public
6. Religious Institutions
7. Terrorist Groups
8. Law Enforcement Agencies
9. Government Agencies
10. International Agencies (United Nations, etc.)

Within the United States Government, the majority of people who actually have a grasp of what and why things are actually happening are appointed, contracted, and are government employees. Elected officials are often the least informed. If a Senator or a Commanding Officer makes a statement concerning official policy, the reality is they often don't have a clue.

Presently, because of our president's favoritism toward the Palestinians at the expense of Israeli security, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been positioned in the forefront. I worked in intelligence and counterintelligence for both countries, with apologies to no one, but if you will analyze these next few paragraphs, you may begin to question what you think you know and get a glimpse of what really happened or is happening. You need an open mind and the ability to admit misconceptions.

We shall start at the beginning of Israel, 1947-48. I will provide background and commentary on the key players of that era: you will be free to draw your own conclusions after reading the article.

Britain and the United States needed a base of operations for naval, air, and ground forces in the Middle East for strategic and economic reasons. The United States State Department was instrumental in proposing and lobbying for the proposed Jewish State of Israel before the newly formed United Nations.

The United States and Great Britain were supplying armaments and supplies to the Arab states: while Britain tried to prevent the importation of armaments to Israel.

Britain and the United States wrote an agreement to help the new born Jewish State become established and another agreement that would divide it after failing to defend itself against numerically superior Arab militias. The United States would take the Northern area and Britain would have the Southern section. Thus the U.S. and Britain were not overly concerned with defensible borders or a large land mass for Israel, the area was sufficient for their strategic and economic plans; they didn't expect Israel to last over a couple of weeks.

The Arab nations also felt Israel would fall within a week or less. The Arab leaders felt they would be able to tap into the economies for vast sums of money from the U.S. and G.B..

To some of you, this may be upsetting; since, you were probably taught differently, but I will point out some verifying factors.

The Georgetown University Center for studies of peace in the Middle East…..Who paid for it?

Who heads the educational system for all of our State department officials?

With every group that is sponsored by our government on studies of the Middle East who teaches and heads up those divisions?

How many translators does the United States military have enlisted who were trained to speak Arabic?

And why are we depending on Iraqis to serve as translators in Iraq?

Does our Military undergo any type of training as to the customs and mentality of the Arabic speaking people? Very little to none! I could write a book in explanation of why all of this is the way it is; however, this is not my objective.

The USS Liberty incident.

The public information available and the naiveté of the amateur historian is laughable and the willingness of the public to believe what they read or have been told defies logic.

Following the USS Liberty incident, Israeli intelligence asked the United States if they wanted the pilot radio logs and the intercepted radio transmissions that were intercepted and recorded to be made public to help clarify the issue.

The reaction by the U.S. was to sweep everything under the carpet.

It is reasonable to ask why.

Perhaps, there was intelligence being transmitted to the Egyptians. Israel was indeed in a desperate struggle for survival and had no alternative but to stop the source of that intelligence to the Egyptians.

Now, we must ask, when in the history of the U.S. was an attack on an American Military vessel swept under the rug?

Why would the U.S. government take such an action?

When in the history of the United States did diplomatic relations become stronger after an attack on a military vessel?

We have only two allies who have paid back their debts to the U.S., Israel and Taiwan; yet, they have been repeatedly stabbed in the back through the diplomatic process by Liberal administrations.

Israel, has two great enemies, the Zionist and the Liberal; they have been Israel's greatest enemies from the beginning.

To survive this system of Intelligence and Mis-Intelligence, it is imperative to start over with new people who have vision and objectives. It is written ” the people who have no vision will perish!”

Shimon Perez and Obama are from the same philosophical family; they see history as an empty slate to be manipulated for political advantage. They want to remain in power, even if it tears the very core of their countries apart and destroys the foundations of those countries.

Our politicians have no vision and we will perish as a nation if we cannot produce a complete change of government and establish a government that serves the people and not a political agenda: ” the people that have no vision will perish”.

The history of the race, and each individual's experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.

Mark Twain

Never try to estimate the heat in a raging fire until you have actually been caught in one and never under estimate the ability of you enemy as long as he is still alive!

Captain John W. Wells USN

Liberals and Communists can only be trusted when they have no office and even then, from no less than 3 feet away!

J.V. Hoffman

Epilogue: The attack on the USS Liberty has been obfuscated by our government, that is obvious. If some of you are dissatisfied with the facts in this post, feel free to dispute them with more precise facts, but as Chill has cautioned us, don't rely on emotion, that is a fool's technique. Verify your facts and present them in an organized and precise debate. I am merely the messenger, who can present this episode with fewer errors; other than that, this tragedy has bothered me for a long time and I just want the truth. Right now, this is the most plausible scenario I have heard, but I am open to reason and logic. Emotional attacks, heavy breathing, drooling, and name calling; the methods we see on Liberal blogs is demeaning and wont be tolerated.

Ready on the right, ready on the left, commence firing!

Some Of The Damage Sustained By The USS Liberty


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