11 Responses to Fear of a Black Planet… or at least of a minority majority country… [Reader Post]

  1. Nostradamus says: 1

    “Idiocracy” introduction – the future of human evolution:


    As you watch that (And choke on your coffee from laughing), keep an eye on “The Family Tree in the upper corners.
    Kind’a says it all.

  2. Nostradamus says: 2

    And I apologize in advance for posting this on a rather intellectual forum, but it’s just too funny.


    The people that put this stuff together obviously have too much spare time on their hands.
    (Must be that evolution thingy again.) Heh!

  3. not in texas says: 3

    Almost half of the population pays no income tax.

    And what are the demography of them?

  4. Jake Havechek says: 4

    You must be one real dumb motherfucker.

  5. Jake Havechek says: 5

    I enjoy watching you and your band of morons throw feces.

  6. Ivan says: 6

    I said it once and I will say it again, Demographics is destiny.

  7. Zac says: 7

    Many of the people in wisconsin would not be considered part of the liberal defenition of “minority”, so perhaps its not just the black or the brown that have entitlement mentality.

    Personal responsibility is a conservative value, it protects future generations by ensuring the integrity of there minds from the damaging effects of entitlements. I have seen in other people how personal responsibility has a way of turning liberals into conservatives. When real life slaps you in the face you will be ready for it next time. Its going to be difficult to take entitlements from people but its the kindest thing we could ever do. Teach the man to fish.

  8. Nan G says: 8

    The pinch is on in even the most liberal of states.
    New York wants to bring back a work requirement for getting unemployment checks.
    People will have to help clean the subways at least 15 hours a week.
    Of course the REAL entitlement junkies, the unions, are against it.
    Their claim is that it is too expensive!
    People who supervise the unemployed must be paid.

  9. Bill Johnson says: 9

    If we quit discriminating, there will be no minorities.

    Are you a citizen? That is the only question.

  10. oil guy from alberta says: 10

    The state of Texas as passed a voter ID law on state and federal elections. Democrats hardest hit. This should spread like wildfire.

  11. suek says: 11

    If you haven’t read “America Alone”, by Mark Steyn, put it on your “must read” list.


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