10 Sep

American Blowback


This is a 2008 video I did to remember 9/11 and its aftermath effect.

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10 Responses to American Blowback

  1. Old Trooper 2 says: 1

    America’s Second Greatest Generation !!!

  2. Aleric says: 3

    That left me speechless. The image that sticks with me most is of the Iraqi boy hiding behind the solider who didnt mind being a shield to protect a civilian.

  3. pedaling says: 4

    I’ve been searching for the right video to post to my blog, tomorrow. This is it. Do you mind if I link back to you and share this piece on my site?

    So, many of the images bought tears to my eyes.
    And once again, I am reminded how much I do respect George W. Bush.
    He made some mistakes, yes….but his compassion and his heart and sincerity, is oh, so missed.

    And God Bless our military and all the many families affected by 9-11.

  4. Randy says: 5

    When we mobilized in Jan 2003 I never saw such determination in a unit. We had a mix of old guys and some very young guys. We did daily PT in addition to all of the other training requirements. There were many who were hurt from night operations or just rigorous activity. None went to sick call because they were afraid they would be left behind when the unit moved to Kuwait.

    When I mobilized the second time, Several of us traveled to Ground Zero. I have only been moved as much when I first saw those black marble walls with the names engraved on them in Washington, DC. Going into Iraq with a bunch of old guys and a lot of young guys were also moving. We left Staten Island for FT Bragg on buses. Every overpass in New York was manned by FDNY with sirens blaring and lights flashing. We had an NYPD escort to NJ.

    To a soldier, 9/11 meant quite a lot to us. The old guys are retired now. We stay in the game by sending packages to the troops and supporting those who were wounded.

  5. Wordsmith says: 6


    Once again, thank you for your service. You really should consider submitting a reader post on some of your experiences.


    I’ve been searching for the right video to post to my blog, tomorrow. This is it. Do you mind if I link back to you and share this piece on my site?

    I’d be honored. Link away. There is a 2007 and 2009 video as well; would like to do one for tomorrow, but not sure if I have enough time; plus not sure about what kind of a theme that one should/would take on.

    @Aleric: That photo was taken by Khalid Mohammed from the AP and can be viewed in this post.

  6. Awesome post! God bless our military – especially the Marines, who I am partial to. Oorah, Semper Fi!

    I thank you, I am crying as everyone will. I was looking at FOX NEWS when it happen,
    I felt the misery they all endure, so many died, so many hurt, unbearable hurts,
    I could not beleive such evil done to AMERICA the land of THE FREE.
    WE cannot forget or forgive.

  8. Mer says: 10

    Outstanding. Thank You!


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