31 Jul

Uni-Tea in Philadelphia

This afternoon I attended the Uni-Tea Rally at Philadelphia’s Independence Mall. In the heart of a midnightblue-democrat city, I’m constantly amazed by the turnout of these rallies. I’ve witnessed numerous anti war rallies at the same location, even at the height of anti war protests in 2006-2007, their numbers never rose above anemic with a distinct lack of pigment in their ranks.

For all involved, this rally was a resounding success. The lineup of speakers brilliantly illustrated the perils we face with a President and Congress hell bent on fundamentally changing this nation. Evan McMorris-Santoro and Jillian Rayfield say differently, but what else could they say? I’m surprised TPM sent two white reporters to document the racial makeup of a teaparty. I’m am happy to note the TPM reporter, Evan Santoro, took to counting the number of patriotic minorities at our rally. His data supports what I’ve documented for the past 5 years – there are far more patriotic minorities participating in TeaParty rallies than in any Antiwar/Anti-Bush gathering – EVER.

Vanessa Jean Louis made a great point about our government’s out of control deficit spending – she tried some ‘deficit spending’ the other week with her ATM card and found that the bank would not print more money than what she had in her bank account. If only our government would follow the same basic rule – don’t spend money you don’t have.

Andrew Breitbart took time to answer questions from bloggers and reporters prior to his keynote speech. He is the champion for the TeaParty movement and is not afraid to take on bullies in the MSM.

I must give kudos to Breitbart for revealing the innate racism in the NAACP and with individuals like Shirley Sherrod. His reporting destroyed the paradigm of white racism against black people revealing an uncomfortable and ugly truth that racism is colorblind. The dude is a frakking hero in my book.

The event attracted motivated individuals and grassroot organizations looking to network. Tea Party rallies have evolved from concerned like minded citizens gathering together for support and knowledge into fun social gatherings for those not busy with other grassroot activities.

During the rally, myself and other teaparty participants discussed the numerous events scheduled over the summer, we laughed at how busy our weekends have become since the rise of the TeaParty.

At it’s height, I estimate close to 1000 people assembled to listen to the speeches and the music. A great turnout, with numbers unseen by liberal antiwar group – ever.

Uni-Tea Crowd

The teaparty ‘Juggernaut’ is alive and well, allowing liberal media hacks and political establishment to cling to racism while teaparty patriots are building coalitions and taking back this nation with each election cycle. I look forward to November, don’t you?

Flickr Photos of Uni-Tea:

More here.

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23 Responses to Uni-Tea in Philadelphia

  1. Smorgasbord says: 1

    I would have been there with you except that I don’t sweat hardly any and can’t take the heat. After one cooler protest in Love Park I walked back to my car in my burlap bag of tea outfit with a sign that said,”THROW ME IN BOSTON HARBOR AGAIN.” I stopped at an ice cream truck to get a cone and a man behind me paid for the cone and thanked me for being out there and protesting. I will be in DC on 9-12. I already have my bus seat reserved.

    As far as the government spending money they don’t have, that is just a short time thing. It doesn’t take long to print up the amount they overspent so that it comes out even.

  2. Dick says: 2

    Um, by the organizer’s OWN math, there were 500 people there. Are you kidding me? Anti-war rallies were attended by hundreds of thousands of peope during the bu$h years. LMAO THe poor sucker’s who are buying the horseshit you’re selling. Keep peddling darlin, keep peddling. The more who believe it, the more crushed hearts they’ll be come Nov. It makes liberals smile. :lol:

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  5. Skye says: 3

    @Dick: Bullhockey. Organizing committees such as A.N.S.W.E.R, Moveon, WCW etc routinely lied about the attendance count, used deceptive tactics to bolster their numbers, such as rounding residents of homeless shelters with a promise of a free meal if they hold a sign.

    Despite video and photographic evidence to the contrary, Anti War organizations continue to boast fraudulent attendance figures. I’ve provided evidence to back up my statement in the post, did I miss the links to yours?

    I’ve documented anti war and pro American rallies since 2004 in Philly, NYC and DC – the crowds never met the the expectations of the organizers or the pro American counter protesters. More importantly, even back in the day, there were always far more people of color attending pro American events then anti war/everything rallies. Yes, before you ask, I do have photographic evidence to back up that statement.

    You are free to keep clinging to your myth, despite the facts. I’m looking forward to your rude awakening come November :lol:

  6. Foreveryoung says: 4

    Excellent Report, Skye!! And since I was there, I’d say it was pretty darned accurate, too!! : )

    I’ve never seen such enthusiasm about a program, particularly regarding the speakers, among Tea Party participants! And boy were they lovin’ those speakers. Imagine that…a crowd of mostly white people (though admittedly with more black Americans than I’ve seen before at a Tea party at Independence Hall – every Tea Party IHTPA seems to attract more people of color to their ranks) lovin’ a line-up of mostly black speakers. Such racists! /sarcasm

    And why were those white people so inspired? Because they are elated to listen to black people who share their values. Further it gives them hope that one day soon, there just may be MANY more!!!

    And BTW, black Americans in the audience were equally enthralled. They, too, long for the day, when a majority of blacks in America will join them. That day will surely come. And it may not be too far off.

    It’s just killin’ the left! : )

  7. Toothfairy says: 5

    @Smorgasbord: LOL! I can just picture that outfit!

    @Skye: Thanks for keeping us up on what’s going on. Great pix, too!

    @Dick: Just keep singin’ those liberal lullabyes. We’re not asleep anymore.

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  9. Dirty Sanchez says: 6

    How sad is it that the teabaggers have to hold a rally to show how not-racist they are? Lol! And inviting Andrew Breitbart to speak, wow. Whats next, having to Klan show up and preach diversity? The nuts have truly earned their wings.

    In all fairness, at least they were’nt shouting racial epithet and spitting on black congressman – this time. That is progress.

  10. Smorgasbord says: 7

    @Dirty Sanchez: Why is it you liberals have to find the most disgusting names to call those you disagree with? I am guessing you went along with the liberal members of Congress, such as Hilary Clinton, calling General Petraeus “General Betray Us,” before he even made his report to Congress. If he was such a lousy general, why did the King-in-Chief choose him to replace General McCrystal?

    Here are videos that prove the congressmen are lying. If you are one of those who only believes what the democrats and the propaganda media tell you, then don’t waste your time watching them, since you won’t believe the truth when you see it.



    Andrew Breitbart has offered $100,000 for any video showing the “N” word. None has been offered. Just the opposite. There are many videos that show Congressman Cleaver during the time of the “alleged” incident and no “N” word was used.

    Before you get into a battle with conservatives you might want to check your ammo. Our guns are loaded with the truth. You know, that stuff that will set you free.

    Since Obama was elected president I have started using the “N” word a lot.

    The “N” word I use is “NO,” and I use it a lot.

    “How sad is it that the teaXXXXXXX have to hold a rally to show how not-racist they are?”

    Remember when John Carey showed that he was a hunter by going duck hunting. If he was really a hunter, whey did he have to buy a brand new hunting outfit instead of wearing his regular one, and why did he have someone else carry his bird for him?

  11. @Smorgasbord:

    Even the NY Times has admitted on the backside of the story that the claims of racism made by the CongressCritters were not supported by any evidence:

    there is no evidence that epithets reportedly directed in March at Representative John Lewis, Democrat of Georgia, outside the Capitol, came from Tea Party members.

  12. johngalt says: 9

    Thank you Skye for the report.

    It is amazing to me the amount of hate and bitterness of the left towards a group that should be in their best interests. They vilify it as an extension of the GOP, and they claim racism due to the lack of ‘feelings of entitlement’ by it’s self proclaimed members, a good number of whom are of minority races. The true stance of the TEA Party is lost on them as they stick to their support of a President and political party that has never done anything but place more and more restraints on individual liberties.

    Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and democrat supporters exhibit this everyday. Every time I hear a leftist speak, or read what they’ve written, I get a picture of someone holding a gun and shooting themselves in the foot with it.

  13. Smorgasbord says: 10

    @Aye Chihuahua: I think the propaganda media are realizing that if the USA comes under Muslim control like we are heading, they will be shut down and a State media will be set up like other dictatorships.

    I received an email that showed where New York City allows the mosques that have more members than they can hold to do their praying in the street from 2-4 PM and blocking traffic for that time and the police don’t stop them. I wonder what would happen if Tea Partyers held protests once a week in the streets of New York.

    In all fairness, the email doesn’t say whether permits were applied for and granted. I want all the facts before I decide on something new to me.

  14. Realist says: 11

    “And BTW, black Americans in the audience were equally enthralled. They, too, long for the day, when a majority of blacks in America will join them. That day will surely come. And it may not be too far off.”

    Don’t hold your breath. The November 2010 exit polls should be a wake-up call for all you “diversity” conservatives. Despite all of the obvious failures of Obama and the Dems, the Dems will still get at least 90% of the black vote. I guarantee it.

    I really wish the Tea Party movement would get off this diversity kick and start adressing real issues instead of constantly trying to prove that they are not “racist.” Blacks and Hispanics will never join the Tea Party in large numbers because the ideas of individual liberty and freedom are diametrically opposed to the worldviews of the cultures they come from.

    This rally was a failure by any stretch of the imagination. Despite all the hype and high-profile speakers, a measly 500 people showed up. I live in a town with 40,000 people and more people than that would show up at a Tea Party this weekend if it was announced today. Only about a dozen blacks showed up and most of them were probably family members of the opportunist/faux-conservative blacks who were invited to speak.

    Wake up Tea Party members. You are a white movement whether you like it or not. The modern day definition of a “racist” is a white person, so you are dreaming if you think the media will ever stop with this accusation. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are tools of the Left. By buying into this nonsense, you are already giving them the victory. When America ceases to be a white nation, it will cease to be America.

  15. Skye says: 12

    Despite all of the obvious failures of Obama and the Dems, the Dems will still get at least 90% of the black vote.

    Don’t count on that in coming elections, the Democrats aren’t, hence the fake racism charges being dropped left and right at the TeaParty.

    Not sure what party you attended but the Philadelphia Uni-Tea party was a striking success in a city with a 6:1 democrat voter majority. 500-1000 people of all races gathered together to discuss what issues are of common concern, and bring the ideas back to their friends, family, coworkers. Indeed, it only takes a small number of concerned people to change the world.

    Times are changing for the better, Philadelphia has a long way to go, but it is heading in the right direction.

    Blacks and Hispanics will never join the Tea Party in large numbers because the ideas of individual liberty and freedom are diametrically opposed to the worldviews of the cultures they come from.

    Is this a subtle message for those uppity blacks and Hispanics to get back on the plantation? This is why you should not count on any monolithic voting block. Please continue to make this type of statement in public, this type of racism should not be buried in the woodwork, but shown to the world.

  16. @Skye:

    I believe that in all the stuff “Realist” posted, this glittering jewel is the one that deserves the brightest light:

    When America ceases to be a white nation, it will cease to be America.

    I’ve read it, and re-read it. Then I read it again.

    I cannot find a single acceptable scenario for such a statement. Can you?

    Combine that with the statement regarding Blacks, Hispanics, and the Tea Party….well, it’s pretty obvious what dish “Realist” is serving.

    Bigotry….party of one. Your table is ready.

    Bigotry….party of one.

  17. Foreveryoung says: 14

    Skye, just one correction. It was Vanessa Jean Louis who made the comment about the ATM machine. It WAS a very clever point. : )

  18. SKYE: hi, I must say that,I am so impress with all of the braves teaparty peoples,
    YOU surely make a diference and give the other A bug that you
    are not doing that for the fun of it but for the need to tell of what is going on with
    THIS GOVERNMENT who have neglected to pay attention to the real needs of AMERICA.
    best to you all may GOD continue to PROTECT THE BRAVES of this NATION OF TOLERANCE

  19. Randall Mills says: 17

    I was at the rally and about 300 people showed up. Come on fellow TP members, the liberal media attacks when we lie about the facts. The fact is, this event never got off the ground and we need to man up and admit we’re losing ground everywhere. We need help and we need it now. Anyone know money donors at Koch or other major business entity? Help us raise money now.

  20. RANDALL MILLS: I dont know what you’r up to; BUT the LIBERAL MEDIA ATTACK period.
    you can find a better way to get money, just think positive of what the TP members are doing,
    AND they are doing a lot.

  21. Realist says: 19

    “Is this a subtle message for those uppity blacks and Hispanics to get back on the plantation? This is why you should not count on any monolithic voting block. Please continue to make this type of statement in public, this type of racism should not be buried in the woodwork, but shown to the world.”

    Hmmm, so if you don’t like reality then call the messenger a “racist?” You have learned well from your left-wing, politically correct overlords. Like I said, these days a “racist” means a white person. If you think the media is going to say “Oh look, they have black people on stage, let’s stop calling them racists,” you are sadly mistaken.

    Over 90% of blacks vote Democrat. If this is not a monolithic voting block, I don’t know what is. Can you not read polls? According to the most recent Gallup polls, 88% of blacks approve of Obama. Does this not tell you anything?

    @ Aye Chihuahua

    So, you can’t find any reason why someone would say that America will cease to be America when it loses its white majority? Really? Here’s why, and I will use small words so you can understand. Blacks and Hispanics vote for left-wing politicians by large majorities. Obama did not win the election because of a shift in political opinions, he won because of a shift in demographics. McCain got practically the same percentage of the white vote as Bush did in 2004. Bush won in 2004 by a solid majority; McCain lost by 7 percentage points. As blacks and Hispanics continue to make up a larger share of the voting public, it will be more and more difficult for conservative candidates to win. This is basic logic and math here, not “racism.”

    Good luck in your efforts to convince inner-city welfare queens and welfare-dependent Hispanic immigrants of the benefits of free markets and limited government. The GOP has been barking up this tree for decades and has gotten nowhere. But I’m sure a breakthrough is right around the corner.

  22. Dandelion Wine says: 20

    Close to 1000 people attended Uni-tea. 800 programs were given out and a number of people, mostly those with a husband ,wife, or friend, didn’t take one. Visually it was harder to judge the size of the crowd because most of it was under one of six tents erected to keep people cool and out of the sun.

    And many people failed to make it because they were stuck in traffic. Both major highways into the city
    were jammed that day. Even several of the organizers were over an hour late.

    I am sick and tired of crowds at conservative events being underestimated.

    BTW, close to 300 people alone attended the after party at Independence Visitors Center, and most of the crowd went home.

    It was a GREAT event, full of good spirit and terrific speakers. Attendees were openly enthused and approached us to tell us so. It’s the most positive feedback we’ve received, from the crowd while an event was unfolding, as well as afterward. About 50 people in t he crowd were black, not counting the speakers, the most we’ve had at any Tea Party event. We consider that a beginning.

    We will continue to reach out and welcome black, Hispanic and other minorities into the Tea Party/Conservative movement, and to fight the unfair labels the press has used for over 40 years to alienate them from Conservatives and the Republican Party.


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