22 Apr

Earth Day humor… because laughter is *still* the best medicine

If the smiles our resident grin-meister, Wordsmith, just aren’t enough to “honor” the absurdity of this day, allow me to add another. The Earth and environmentalism, according to the late, great George Carlin…. In light of his death not long after, it’s almost prescient in how inconsequential humans are in the scope of time and events. Or, as Carlin puts it, “The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas…”

It’s seven minutes of laughter, with the delicious irony of truth, meant to rightfully humble humans as an arrogant species, thrown in for good measure.

Carlin… yes, he’s one of those “bad case of fleas” we shall miss.

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Vietnam era Navy wife, indy/conservative, and an official California escapee now residing as a red speck in the sea of Oregon blue.
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7 Responses to Earth Day humor… because laughter is *still* the best medicine

  1. Old Trooper says: 1

    It makes all the sense in the world to me. It makes more sense than my tasks for today as a matter of fact. Herding cats in Af/Pak today. Herding cattle is way easier and more rewarding.
    Breaking horses is less dangerous as well. Meetings in the ‘green zone’ today. Kandahar.

    Thanks Mata!

  2. MataHarley says: 2

    Hey, OT… if I could pass on a smile for you and the crew, I’m a happy girl.

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  4. jtrailroad says: 3

    save the people first we want ssave thee mino and not feed tthe people

  5. Robin says: 4

    I remember reading Rush Limbaugh’s book where he said about the same thing. God is in charge and we are arrogant to think we understand anything.

  6. MISSY;hi, where are you? on this special EARTH DAY;did you decide to go to the moon?;well i have news for you ;they closed it,come back.

  7. MATA;hi, theses days i am in closeness with MOTHER EARTH;cleaning the pooh of my dogs,and giving her lives seeds and watching the new grass grow in multiple varietys waiting for the colorfull songbirds to emigrate from your side; bye :roll: bye the way i used to watch “DIY ” when i arrive here ;and i thought,this to good to last,and i tape about 200 video cassettes,it did went blank after a year;bye


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