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2009 a B+ Year


Well, it’s gone. 2009 is finally freaking GONE

The year started with my wife outta work, no family income (I just get beer money for my books), two sick kids, the neighbor’s trampoline had just taken flight into the back of our car-almost totaling it.

The year continued…

Obama took office. He and Dems gave a trillion dollars in “stimulus” money to their organized labor donors who paid 80% of their campaign money (according to the Federal Election Commission website) with the idea that if the kickback wasn’t given right away unemployment would rise above 8%.

Then unemployment reached almost 11% (almost 25% in some states…states that probably won’t be blue again in the fall-not w 1:4 voters outta work!).
The war in Iraq continues under the Bush plan, and Obama-who had pledged for 2yrs to focus on Afghanistan-took 10 months to decide on what to do.

Also in Afghanistan, our own Flopping Aces writer, Chris Galloway returned from his tour there in April, but on June 30th his months of being unable to adjust, his frustrations w Obama and the left’s ignorance of the war on terror among other challenges drove him to take his own life. God bless you Chris! You’re missed more than you know.

My wife did find a job, but 3 more of my friends lost their jobs (2 of em far left, unabashed moonbat Obama lovers).

Last night, my wife and I did the usual. We looked back on the year, we complained about some things, and we thanked God for others (a trip to Disneyworld with our kids that was the greatest vacation in our lives!). We talked about making resolutions, and decided on a list of things we wanna try and do instead. As we waited up for the ball to drop on TV, I got a facebook message that a friend of mine’s mom had just died. 2009 was going out like bitch.

I dunno what 2010 will bring. I know the deadline for Iran to give up its nuclear program has come and gone, and that Obama “strongly objected” to the tyrannical oppression of the Iranian people. I know that even if the current plan in Iraq works, 50-70,000 American combat troops will just be re-named “security forces” in October. I know that there’s no plan for fighting terrorists in Afghanistan other than to make soldiers read Miranda rights if they choose to capture a suicide bomber (should Marines get badges now, or will those grunts just toss em on the ground w a firm, “Badges!? We don’t need no stinking badges!”?). I know that even TIME Magazine reported that there is no military option for Yemen. I know from a friend just back from the region that Somalia is a war zone w Americans fully involved and the world ignoring it (but Obama did get a peace prize). I know that Israel is not gonna wait forever re: Iran, that Russia’s making offensive weapons again for the first time in 20yrs, and I know that if I look around the web or TV I can still find some leftwinger nutroots moonbat moron blaming Bush for something-anything-even though Obama’s been President for a year now.

More than anything, I know that 2009 changed me. Chris’ death effects me harder than any other that I’ve known in Iraq or Afghanistan. I know that what pissed him off politically and militarily pisses me off too. I know that the trip I took w my wife and kids to Disneyworld in December changed me somehow. I no longer care as much about trying to warn people on the left of threats. I no longer care to debate them about the validity of the war in Iraq, about the need for the war in Afghanistan, or the (4) 911 Commission report causes that drove Al Queda to start killing Americans in 1992 (3:4 of which were blowback from America’s war on Iraq).

I care more about my family now. I care more about my friends. I don’t live in a leftist nest like San Fran, LA, NYC, DC, or Boston, and since I live between the burbs and farm country in Ohio…I don’t think the war whose name must not be spoken is gonna effect me as much as it will those who cannot dare to speak its name. I will not be attacked. Al Queda’s not gonna waste operatives in the Akron area as much as they gonna aim for someplace where the leftnuts are all gathered-like NYC and DC on 911.

So, when the next attack comes, and it will, it’s gonna be aimed at those who continue to try and pretend there is no war, there is no threat, and if we’re just nice to everyone around the world (except Republicans who they wish would die ala Rush Limbaugh), then everything will be fine. I’ve tried for years to explain documented threats and ties, and now those people need to learn on their own. How? Well, Clinton’s Counterterrorism Czar, Richard Clarke, was asked by the 911 Commission back in 2004, and he told them there’s only 1 thing that gets Americans to recognize the threat: “more body bags.”

Maybe the same is true with the economy. Maybe the leftnuts who lose their jobs and can’t find another will start to ask why they can’t? Maybe they’ll start to see that repealing the Bush tax cuts (or letting them expire) is not a good idea ’cause it raises the tax on those same people who do the hiring? Maybe they’ll see that they can’t find a job because small business owners had their taxes increased, and they have less to spend on new hires? Maybe they’ll see that forcing businesses to spend more on healthcare means less money for hiring them? Maybe the nutroots people who are outta work will say, “Gosh, I like taxing people who make $250,000 a year, but…now those people are spending their money on these new taxes instead of spending it on hiring me? With 1:4 people in the blue state of Michigan looking for work…it could happen.

2009 was a good year and a bad year. Obama gave himself a B+ for having accomplished nothing. Since, by the Bush standard, he is responsible for everything then 2009 gets a B+. If you agree, then great. If you don’t, then you must be some sort of right winger teabagger conservative wackjob (at least by MSNBC, Huffpo, and NYT standards).

In the end, I’m optimistic about 2010. Why-with so much potential horror looming?! I’m optimistic because like no other time in our recent history…there is no place for the left to hide. No conspiracy theories, no blaming Bush, not denial or deliberate ignoring of wars, nothing can hide them from the cold dark realities of the world, from the broken promises of their leaders, from their own cowardly refusal to open their minds to the scary scary thought that if something wasn’t Bush’s fault or the Repubs’ fault, then what caused it?

What caused the recession?
Why are so many out of work?
Why are Dems supporting the indefinite war in Iraq now?
Why did Al Queda start killing Americans?
What if Bush’s anti-charisma wasn’t to blame for “the world hating us?”

So many more cold questions that they didn’t even dare to ask before, but this year…this year they cannot even escape the answers.

Welcome Dems, welcome to reality

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9 Responses to 2009 a B+ Year

  1. FedUp says: 1

    Scott, it’s odd how one’s perspective changes when time get worse.
    I lost my job, but give thanks that my spouse still has one.
    Most of our congress and administration are out and out crooks, but we still live in the greatest country evah!
    Though finding that age makes changes in my body I do not wish to deal with, I still have my health.
    I give thanks that my children and theirs are healthy (also giving thanks that there aren’t more of them).

    But, most of all, I am so thankful that no matter what the lunatics in government (ours and everyone elses) do, think or say… My God is still in charge and I can rest in that.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR – may this one bring POSITIVE hope and change for America!

  2. Scott: Mata has poking fun at me for being optimistic about 2010 but I have to hand that prize to you when you said:

    Maybe the leftnuts who lose their jobs and can’t find another will start to ask why they can’t? Maybe they’ll start to see that repealing the Bush tax cuts (or letting them expire) is not a good idea ’cause it raises the tax on those same people who do the hiring? Maybe they’ll see that they can’t find a job because small business owners had their taxes increased, and they have less to spend on new hires? Maybe they’ll see that forcing businesses to spend more on healthcare means less money for hiring them? Maybe the nutroots people who are outta work will say, “Gosh, I like taxing people who make $250,000 a year, but…now those people are spending their money on these new taxes instead of spending it on hiring me? With 1:4 people in the blue state of Michigan looking for work…it could happen.

    When has the left EVER learned from the lessons of history? The Berlin Wall fell and gave the world the best shot at peace in a generation all because of Ronald Reagan’s tough approach to the Soviets and yet our lefty friends are following a policy of apology and appeasement towards Iran.

    Reagan also showed that tax cuts work. But if you think any lefty will admit that you are certainly more optimistic than I am.

    We’ll never convince these people they were wrong because their ideology is their religion and as we all know it’s nearly impossible to change someone’s mind about that.

    Instead we have to defeat them. Their radical nature has now been exposed after Obama took office and discarded the new centrist rhetoric he campaigned with and took up with his old friends, the commies, mao lovers and America haters.

    And we can defeat them if we are able to convince the Independents who make up about a third of the voting public. And that’s a difficult job to do especially since some on the conservative side are demanding a 100% adherence to a right wing platform of they won’t vote in 2010.

    We’ll work all this out somehow as I am optimistic for a good outcome in 2010.


  3. Scott Malensek says: 3

    Mike, you’re right of course. It is a scale thing though. The most fervent far leftwinger nutroots moonbat could be bitch-slapped by Obama and gang-raped by the DNC’s leaders and still blame Bush for a sore butt, HOWEVER, the farther on the spectrum one gets from that kinda partisan blindness towards the center…the more likely one is to start seeing reality imo. Add to that 2 things: first, the independents are no longer in bed w the left (they left half a year ago), and I cannot think of a similar period in American history when the left relied so purely on such far out conspiracy theories AND held such absolute power/responsibility. I can see how a 100% partisan blind socialist/modern Democrat would never change, but hiding the lies, pipedreams, broken promises, and distractions is gonna be harder this election year than ever before (unless there is a similar time in American history, and I beg of someone to point it out for me PLEASE).

    The bed-wetting pinko commies cannot hide behind conspiracies, cannot distract by blaming Bush, and cannot run against someone since they have all the power. So, what’s a winning game plan?

    Come clean and admit they misled? Nah, “vote for me because I misled you” isn’t gonna do it
    Blame Bush? Nah, “Everything’s Bush and the Republicans’ fault, but vote for me and I’ll do what I couldn’t do in the past 4 years” ain’t gonna work.
    New conspiracies? Nah, the bad guys in the conspiracies don’t have power

  4. Inge says: 4

    Your frustration is felt thousand times over by a large majority; knowing that we are not heard is mainly the problem.
    Optimism is the best way to overcome pessimism; otherwise bitterness sets in, and would give progressives even more ammo.
    I do believe this year will be open the eyes of all americans; a successful jihadist attck; total bankruptcy caused by our oh-so-called betters in DC; uprising of the american populace; Obami being embarrassed out in the open by Putin, North Korea, China etc., a nuclear bomb by Iran, I could go on, and on.
    Interesting times for sure, we can not lose our bearings, but rather remain awake. Time will tall, where it all leads this year.

  5. Scott Malensek says: 5

    Great points Inge, but is it better to continue the decades of warning people about the threats in the world, or is this a year when it’s better to let history unfold? Is this the time when the effects of lies reveals the lies themselves? I’m inclined to believe it’s a banner year for popcorn sales.

  6. Hawk says: 6

    Inge: Add to the “…knowing that we are not heard is mainly the problem” is that the opposition is ACTIVELY trying to squelch any voice against their agenda. If squelching doesn’t work, they then try to paint those who dare speak out as some derogatory caricature (retards, idiots, rednecks, etc..). This of course shows them for the *ahem* in-tolerant people they really are.

    I agree with Inge in that those who voted for Obama who might have voted republican are having voter’s remorse in a big way. And others are starting to wake up. Just look at the Rasmussen Polls as his downward spiral continues. The democratic congress is not fairing any better.

    We should not only remain awake and keep our bearings, but we should also try to wake as many as we can to what is going on and get them actively involved to try and stop & repair the damage done to our nation.

    I had warned someone(a democrat) I know from a now defunct board that …
    1: If the dems took both houses of congress
    2: If they got the greatly sought after majority
    3: If the dems took the white house

    … that they would then have no one to blame but themselves if they failed. And they are failing. Miserably.

    Don’t let this sit idle either. We need to make sure that the republican politicians know that people have had it and that they need to do their jobs. You would think that losing both houses would be a wake up call but I just am not seeing the reaction I thought I might see from them.
    It almost seems business as usual.

    Lastly, I am trying *really hard* to remain positive on things.
    I have been out of work since February.

    We mostly have our health (nothing has gotten worse).
    We still have food and a roof over our heads.
    We received a newer/better vehicle this year from an unlikely source.

    There are many blessings I can count and I am sure in this mess, there may be more.

    Beat the drums to warn others about the fire all around them. Just don’t lose sight of the exit and go down with them.

  7. janeplain says: 7

    I’m reading a book about Caesar in Egypt and just saw last night that AKRON means ROCK. You’re in a good place to lie low.

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  9. Inge says: 8

    Scott-you nailed it: God has a great sense of humor. Case in point-Climate gate; hoax exposed; government takeover-rejected!
    Lies always expose themselfs, mainly because lies multiply, and the eventual factor multipy so much, that the orignal lie don’t hold. One lie takes two to cover, 2 lies takes 4 to cover, eventually the house of cards collapses under its own weight.Liar operate in darkness, light exposes it all.
    So yes, have lots of popcorn ready, and enjoy the documentary. Tehir agenda will expose itself under the weight of unintended consequences.

    To Hawk: I am so sorry, that you are ouf of work. Consider that-my youngest son (27yrs young)
    was out of work for more than one year. He lost everything, his car, apartment, even his positive spirit.
    I encouraged him daily not to give up, and to remind himself that he is gonna get out of that. I couldn’t help him much (I am disabled, and barely can keep a roof over my head, not enough soc sec).
    He started working a couple of weeks ago, and has to rebuild.
    I want to encourage you to do the same, remain positive, don’t get pessimistic, it all will pass. But you have to believe it!

    Progressives can call us rednecks, hillbillies, racists, and slap on whatever label they want; one thing they won’t ever do is crushing a positive spirit. It’s their loss, and our gain!


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