12 Responses to Blatant Bigotry and Racism [Reader Post]

  1. james says: 1

    Just another reason why myself and other African Americans of my generation simply ignore the NAACP.

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  3. URI says: 2

    The Daytona Beach Police Chief Chitwood is also under attack by this organization. Their name should change to GESTAPO!

  4. Maryland born says: 3

    Im sure that if the NAACP feels this way, they should have no problem with any black being pulled from a postion that covers a majority white population.
    obama comes to mind.

    Oh wait, would it be racist to ask that only whites be in charge of areas or locations that are majority white?

  5. Sponge says: 4

    Racism of any other name, is still racism.

  6. suek says: 5

    “Still, it is not clear that the resolution or a law change is warranted. According to Dan Friedman, an assistant attorney general who is counsel to the General Assembly, the governor does not have the authority to make an appointment.

    Instead, the state constitution defers to the city’s charter, he said, which elevates the city council president to be mayor in case of a vacancy. That’s how Dixon became mayor in 2007 after Martin O’Malley, her predecessor, was elected governor.”

    Heh. I think this falls under the category of “if all else fails, follow the directions”

    I was a school board member for about 15 years. We had a problem with a superintendent. Nothing quite like a problem with a contract employee to get you reading the policy book. I got way more familiar with it than I wanted to be!

  7. Scrapiron says: 6

    The NAACP calling anyone else racist is good for one big laugh, well maybe ten minutes of laying on the floor laughing. The NAACP is the most racist organization in the world. maybe second most racist following the congressional black caucus.

  8. Skookum says: 7

    Maryland born, that is the funniest and the best.

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  10. Davey says: 8

    Now, now. It’s a scientific fact that it’s genetically impossible for a human with black skin to be a racist. It’s just not in their DNA. Of course this is the same lab that has proven that the Easter Bunny really does lay eggs and they wrote a probility study on cloning Hitler’s brain from old preserved hunks of pumpernickle.

  11. Captain Obvious says: 9

    By the NAACP’s racial justice/twisted logic, no Blacks should be allowed to be President, since Blacks are only 12% of the population.

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