3 Oct

Did POTUS & FLOTUS really go to Copenhagen?

If POTUS & FLOTUS go to Copenhagen to campaign for the Olympics, but the Official White House Photostream doesn’t include it, did it really happen?

Why would the White House exclude this wonderful, fantastic, fantabulous, super-d-dooper, “Ego Has Landed” moment?

From the White House Flickr page:

View at EasyCaptures.com

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7 Responses to Did POTUS & FLOTUS really go to Copenhagen?

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  2. Barry Obama says: 1


    Never heard of it.

  3. proof says: 2

    If a Democrat flops in the forest, does it make a noise in the MSM?

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  6. BarbaraS says: 3

    My eyes!!! My eyes!!! Why, or why did I follow that link?

    One question. Will I now get e-mail asking how I can help Obama? Well, actually two. Or did I just sign up for his private army?

  7. Davey says: 4

    More work by those maniacal replicants!


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