24 Aug

A Charming Liar?

The chickens have come home to roost!

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7 Responses to A Charming Liar?

  1. Walknot says: 1


  2. Old Trooper says: 2

    Liar Yes.
    Charming, Nope.

  3. sherlock says: 3

    Obama is talking on his bullhorn constantly, so he cannot hear the roar of the falls. By the time someone with enough brains among his advisors convinces him to shut up and listen for a few minutes, it will be way too late.

  4. Toothfairy says: 4

    I believe Christiane Brown used the word “charming” when she meant “smooth.” A smooth liar is a practiced liar — not a charming one.

  5. Slatrat says: 5

    If the Good Lord loved liars, He’d love Barack Obama to death.

  6. roast coffee says: 6

    Liar Liar… pants on fire… I kinda like the British appeal the congressman brought to the speach

  7. Old Trooper says: 7

    The Brit Parliament is entertaining. The US Congress is like a Union Meeting of Whores in Amsterdam knowing what they are but just bargaining over the prices.


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