24 Oct

“OBAMA, NO MERCI BEAUCOUP” –Gun-Toting Bible-Thumping Hillbillies Cajuns Release Best Campaign Song of the Year! [Reader Post]

This brought a smile to my face on this dreary, rainy, coolish Friday afternoon.

h/t – Gateway Pundit

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10 Responses to “OBAMA, NO MERCI BEAUCOUP” –Gun-Toting Bible-Thumping Hillbillies Cajuns Release Best Campaign Song of the Year! [Reader Post]

  1. Padre Steve says: 1

    You gotta love that! Here is some more comic relief!
    Some of the cartoons are priceless!

  2. luva the scissors says: 2

    that was cute, brought a smile to my face also…. thanks aye.

  3. Custer says: 3


    You just made my day. Thank you. :)

  4. Belizaire the Cajun says: 4

    psssst…… they aren’t hillbillies! They’re CAJUNS! The music is zydeco.

    (No hills in south Louisiana anyway)

  5. MataHarley says: 5

    LOL! Yes, Aye… Belizaire da Cajun is correct. Far from hillbillies. Actually a very int’l mixture of cultures in the region with a heavy French influence.

    Love Zydeco… love NO’s eclectic music mix. Not to mention THE FOOD!

  6. Custer says: 6

    Aye Chi i got a video for ya, check out all this guys obama videos specifically the “how to talk to an Obama cultist” ones… I LOVE THIS GUY

    *Direct link* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTR0s9_PBN0

    Courtesy embed….

  7. SoCal Chris says: 7

    Thanks Aye, cute video!

    My only problem is now I keep singing that catchy tune…help! :)

  8. philly_nj says: 8

    I love Cajun.. music..food.. the works.
    merci beaucoup..I’ll be forwarding the linnk. :)

  9. “inflate yer own tires!”

    Good one!


  10. Leah says: 10

    Such a catchy song…it’s definitely stuck in my head now too.


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