22 May

Maxine Waters – This Liberal Would Be All About Taking Over The Oil Companies

Just no words to describe the stupidity of Maxine Waters when she suggested that the United States would take over the oil companies….ala Hugo Chavez. Watch the reaction of the few people beyond this idiot….classic! (h/t Hot Air)

Link: sevenload.com

No words man….no words.

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20 Responses to Maxine Waters – This Liberal Would Be All About Taking Over The Oil Companies

  1. thebronze says: 1

    Isn’t this pathetic excuse for a turd from your neck of the woods?

  2. Scott Malensek says: 2

    Man, I hate high gas prices as much as the next person, but COME ON! SOCIALIZED/NATIONALIZED oil companies? Oh yeah…brilliant idea dems. How’d that work out for the Venezuelan people?

    Typial far out leftist. Got a problem? Socialize it and the govt will take care of you.

  3. Steve says: 3

    So… What exactly do we do with a socialist who doesn’t even know the proper “take-over-the-industries-one-at-a-time” terminology? Send her to Hugo for a crash course?

  4. Uddercha0s says: 4

    I’ve been wondering how long it would take for one of these socialists to come out and suggest this. Of all the whack-jobs to do it.

  5. Rovin says: 5

    As I watched this clip of Mad Maxine stating the obvious agenda of the left-wing of the Democratic Party to seize a private, (non-government) entity, my first thought was “what would be the motivation for a government to nationalize the petro industry?” Forgetting/ignoring that these companies are owned by shareholders, (investments funded by retirement accounts, pension funds, etc.), IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Mz. Waters can’t even begin to explain how government programs like social security and medicare are broke beyond repair while thinking that a government seized oil industry would be run any different.

    Our capitalist run society may be seeing its last days if Waters and the socialist liberals have their way. Re-distribution of wealth is alive and well in the Democratic Party.

  6. Fit fit says: 6

    See, THAT is socialism! A progressive tax structure is not socialism, state ownership of industry is socialism.

  7. jainphx says: 7

    Take over the oil companies. Can’t drill, can’t refine, what’s left to take over, oh yeah the profits.

  8. ChrisG says: 8

    Actually Fit Fit, both progressive (punishment) taxation and nationalization are socialism.

    From each according to their means (and allegedly) to each according to their needs. It never worked out that way, which is one of the many reasons socialism looks nice on paper, but fails utterly in reality.

    On the topic.. She did slip and say “socializing” and caught herself. Yet another socialist talking about “doing something” (nationalizing oil) which will only end up making us all walk everywhere since nothing else the government nationalized has worked. But no one ever accused that congressperson of being bothered by reality…..

    I like the response Shell Oil’s CEO reportedly gave. “We’ve seen this movie before. It’s called Venezuela and Hugo Chavez”

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  10. stix1972 says: 9

    Ah yes, socialism. Fit Fit. The tax system we have now is Socialism, it is taking moneyfrom those that work and giving it to those that do not.

    Geez funny how she let that slip, socializing. Hopefuly Obamassiah will let that slip in the campaign also

  11. Fasternu426 says: 10

    Maxine “No Justice No Peace” Waters is only matched in her idiocy by Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston. She is over the committee that oversees NASA. She took a tour and was shown their plan to go to Mars. She then asked if they would bring back the flag Neil Armstrong left.

    Unbridled socialism if BO gets voted into the Whitehouse! They will take it as a mandate to take over and implement any and every kind of socialist idea they can come up with! They must be stopped!

  12. TheBad says: 11

    Always a truism: want to see people’s true colors? Just present them with a problem and evaluate their solution. The democrat solution to any problem (either actual or perceived) is to have government take it over. We should always remember the words of Ronald Reagan when it comes to this brand of “solution”:

    “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”

  13. MataHarley says: 12

    Yeah yeah… what a theatrical display for election purposes. Once a year since 2005, oil execs have to haul their butts up to the beltway, and be on the receiving end of a group of Senators’ venom on C-Span. All choreographed to deflect their part in all of this onto the wealthy oil barons and pretend they are “doing something”…. what BS.

    Funny how their Nov 2005 and encore presentation in Mar 2006 did wonders for DNC in mid elections, eh? And their sequel performance in May of 2007 did absolutely nothing to stop the inevitable gas price increase. Like I said, political theatre that reveals nothing new and no results. Like none of us knew Maxine thinks like this? LOL

  14. malagent says: 13

    It is great that she slipped and studdered with the word socialize. But it’s sad that in our capitalist society that any politician can talk about such things and get away with it. We need to be taking away socialism – not adding more.

    As far as gas prices are concerned I really wish people would realize that the oil company profits or the “obscene” wages of executives are not the problem. Oil Co. profits are in the 8-9% range (some are even loosing money) while we pay at least 11.5% tax on the fuel. That still is not the source of the higher prices – the biggest factor is the oil. I wonder how many middle class investors are complaining about the pump price while also making money on oil futures?

    Considering that time is money, I think the Oil company execs. should demand their hourly wage for having to side through these political sideshows.

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