17 Oct

The Bravery of our Navy Seals

NBC has put together a great video of the heroism displayed by the Navy Seals in Afghanistan and whose bravery will be rewarded Monday by President Bush when he gives the Medal of Honor to Lt. Michael P. Murphy.

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Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.
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9 Responses to The Bravery of our Navy Seals

  1. kcanova says: 1

    Great story, just one thing,, it was NBC not CBS

  2. Curt says: 2

    Woops, thanks for the heads up. Fixed

  3. Joe Gringo says: 3

    Tremendous, great job posting this.

    I was wondering when the MSM would acknowledge Lt. Murphy…..hats off to NBC for reporting a very important story that needed to be told.

  4. Heather Chambers says: 4

    It’s not quite fixed NBC vs NBS – half way there!

  5. Looking Glass says: 5

    Great post. Thanks for getting this information out to us all.

    Heather Chambers said “It’s not quite fixed NBC vs NBS – half way there!”

    Yep, still not completely fixed. Needs to be “NBC.”

  6. thebronze says: 6

    I doubt that Brian Williams knows anyone in the mil, so it comes as no surprise that he doesn’t have a clue that it hasn’t been called the Congressional Medal of Honor for a long time.

    Typical MSM…

  7. Aye Chihuahua says: 7

    If anyone here has not read “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrel I highly recommend it.

    It is the story of the seal team that Michael Murphy was a part of and it is an amazing story of heroism, sacrifice, and love of country.

  8. thebronze says: 8

    +100 on that AC!

    Unbelievable what those guys went through.

  9. Add NBC to the list — LI Newsday,, the Post, and the Sun — that have covered this hero from their own backyard, giving him the honor he is certainly due.

    However, we’re still waiting for the NYT to report …


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